DENGUE FEVER: Read all about Dengu Symptoms, Precautions, Treatment, Food What to eat What not to eat and more

dengue fever symptoms treatment food precautions

Dengue Fever Symptoms Treatment Food Precautions – Did someone just say monsoons? We are sure the thought of having some crispy, fried snacks along with a piping hot cup of tea to enjoy the rains just had hit your mind. Nasty mosquitoes also gear up for enjoying some snacks in the monsoons. We hope that you got our hint in a less scary way. Today we are here to discuss everything you need to know about dengue fever so that you can enjoy the monsoon season without any hassle.dengue fever symptoms treatment food precautions


A common yet important question, Dengue is a mosquito-born infection whose viruses are carried by female Aedes species mosquito. The virus then multiplies in the mosquito’s gut before it enters into their salivary glands. These mosquitoes disperse the pathogens from an infected person to a healthy individual when they bite them. Taking this to a global level, if reports are to be believed, more than 400 million people get infected with dengue every year and around 40,000 deaths are reported. 

Dengue Fever Symptoms Treatment Food Precautions


Dengue fever can be of different intensities. A lot of times the viruses cause a mild, curable cold and flu. But in some cases, severe dengue becomes the cause of death. Severe dengue is marked by a drastic drop in the count of platelets which may lead to hemorrhagic fever, organ impairment, fluctuations in blood pressure or plasma leakage.  

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Dengue fever is many times mistaken to be a seasonal viral fever. But if an individual experiences fever (as high as 104°F) with any of the following:



Intense joint pain


Pain in eyes 

Severe headache 

then one should immediately go for medical consultation. Adverse symptoms include occurrence of purple bruises on skin, red itchy spots, bleeding gums and black stools.

Dengue Fever Symptoms Treatment Food Precautions

Symptoms can be noticed after 4 days to 2 weeks after being bitten by the infected mosquito.


You will be surprised but there is no accurate antibiotic treatment for dengue. Doctors give medications so as to treat all the symptoms. Here are some important tips for lowering the chances of infection:

Most importantly, always wear full sleeve clothes and socks when getting out of your home so as to avoid getting bitten by the mosquitoes.

Make sure that you sleep under mosquito nets in monsoon season or have mosquito coil or repellent machine on.

Use mosquito repellents creams with higher concentration of cedar, geranium and peppermint essential oils to apply on exposed parts of your body.

You can even apply cold pressed coconut oil on your skin as the fatty acids present in it provides up to 90% repellency against them.

High fever and constant nausea can lead to serious dehydration. Keep yourself high on fluid intake. Drink boiled water, rehydration mixtures etc.

For children parents must ensure that they do not let them play for long during dawn and dusk hours.

Excessive intake of popular pain relievers like Asprin or Ibuprofen must be avoided as they can trigger heavier bleedings.

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Dengue Fever Symptoms Treatment Food Precautions

Lastly, don’t provide them with places to breed. As they lay eggs in stagnant water, one should periodically clean their coolers, birdbaths and all other places where water can accumulate. Do not let water get collected in your surroundings.  

What to eat during Dengu Fever

  • Food that can be easily digested like khichdi, dal-chawal
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Fresh Papaya leaf juice
  • Coconut water
  • Papaya 
  • Fresh Turmeric
  • Broccoli
  • Orange
  • Pomegranate

What not to eat during Dengu Fever

  • Oily food
  • Spicy food
  • Beverages with high caffeine content
  • Food that is heard to digest like Beans, White Gram, etc.
  • If possible, avoid non-vegetarian food.

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