Detox Water for Weight loss

Detox Water for Weight loss

Drinking water is one of the best things you can do for weight loss and better health, and it tastes delicious too. It has no calories and fills your stomach so you
don’t feel hungry. Detox water is one of the most popular tools for weight loss to come around in a long time, and for great reason. Not only can you drink detox water
to lose weight and it tastes delicious but helps flush your body of toxins.

How to Make Detox Water

How to Make Detox Water

For every detox water recipe below, the preparation steps are pretty much the same:

Make thin slices of fruits and mix the ingredients in the bottom of a pitcher or fruit infuser bottle.
Cover them with ice about 1/2 way through and then fill to top with water. Place it in the fridge for about 12 hours before serving.
You can refill the container 2-3 times as long as it begins to lose flavour.


Apple Cinnamon Water
The apples and cinnamon in this recipe help us make any day feel fresher and rejuvenated, it also has a lot of health benefits. The antioxidants in apples may help you
reduce the risk of developing hypertension, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

The cinnamon also has a lot of great health benefits, making this ideal detox water.

Lemon Water
Even though this lemon water detox recipe has only two ingredients, lemons and mint, the sweetness and sourness from the lemons create a delicious flavour, providing
lots of Vitamin C. The mint, on the other hand, helps in adding the refreshing taste.

Drinking lemon water for weight loss is a great idea which is cheap and easy.

Mango Ginger Water
This Mango Ginger Water recipe has been at the top of the charts since it was first introduced.

Apart with boosting your metabolism, ginger is also a natural pain reliever, from migraines to menstrual cramps, ginger can heal almost all of it. It also helps in
reducing morning or motion sickness and heartburn!

No wonder this recipe is so popular!

Tangerine and Strawberry Infused Water
This refreshing-energetic, Tangerine and Strawberry Infused Water recipe contain fruits that are high in Vitamin C and are big metabolism boosters!

Strawberries and tangerines are one of the most loved combos.

Watermelon and Strawberry Mint Water
Watermelon taste delicious when mixed with strawberry, it has a lot of great health benefits like it helps in improved insulin response, lower blood pressure and
alleviate muscle soreness.

Strawberries are filled with wonderful anti-oxidants, making this drink a nutritional powerhouse.

Cucumber Lemon Water
You will find the classic lemon water recipe everywhere, But Cucumber Lemon Water is something different and a must try as it is the ultimate detox drink.

Not only does it tastes good and refreshing but also has health benefits that freshen your system and helps you feel better.

Cucumber Lemon Water
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