Did You Know Facts About Vaccines: Some facts about vaccines and how vaccines work

did you know facts about vaccines

Did You Know Facts About Vaccines – We all must have come across some of the misunderstandings about vaccines and misconceptions about their after-effects. Awareness about the working mechanism of vaccines is utmost need of the hour. Keeping this noble thought in mind we have listed some of the important facts about vaccines that you must know and also bring to light with your acquaintances as well.did you know facts about vaccines

Did You Know Facts About Vaccines


In simple words, vaccines are an excellent step for the immunization of one’s body. It helps to build up the natural fighting power of the body against a disease before you actually get sick. If not then it may lead to the death of a person in some cases.

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Vaccines are a weakened form of the disease causing germs (antigens) that are intentionally injected in your body. You must be thinking why to inject these germs in body for no reason.

Don’t worry because your body will actually use these germs to produce antibodies to build a defense system of its own.

Did You Know Facts About Vaccines

Your body will remember this virus or bacteria now, while those antibodies then stay in your body for a long period of time or maybe for your whole life in an inactive state.

In future, when so ever your body will encounter these antigens again these antibodies produced will become active, do their job and you won’t get caught with the disease. Isn’t that a smart strategy? To be prepared forehand with antibodies.


The answer to this above question is surely yes and that too without any if and buts. Vaccines are very much necessary for public health. Their main task is to prevent the spread of contagious, communicable and deadly diseases like measles, chickenpox, polio etc.

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  • There exists no absolute connection between autism and vaccines like MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella).
  • Vaccinations do not cause any other disease or death. The symptoms followed after one gets vaccinated are mild fever and feeble body pain that wither away soon.
  • Getting vaccinated during pregnancy is not at all harmful. Rather it will help to protect both. A mother always shares everything with her unborn child and this way the protection is passed on.
  • Indeed the breast milk of a lactating mother is abundant with antibodies powerful against cold, diarrhea etc. However it can’t be a whole substitute for vaccination against certain family of disease causing microbes.
  • Vaccines prevent over 3 million deaths of children every year.
  • Since 2000, more than 21 million people have been protected from measles by measles vaccine.
  • Till 2018, the number of polio cases had seen a drastic drop right from 350,000 to just 33 and it is on the verge of eradicating it too.
  • According to UNICEF, every $1 investment in vaccination fruits to economic benefits of $44.
  • In 2014, 2015 and 2016 the number of cases of Rotavirus fell over by 70% in UK after successful vaccination drives.

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