Diet trends that aren’t Heart Healthy

diet trends that are not heart healthy

Nowadays, various diet trends are marking their presence all over the markets in the entire world. Over time, such diet trends were claimed to be helpful in preventing cardiovascular disorders and strokes. However, recent surveys highlight the effect of diet trends that are not heart healthy. These surveys intend towards clearing off the misconceptions hovering over such dietary patterns. 

diet trends that are not heart healthy

Here are some of the diet trends that are not heart healthy and need to be discouraged so that no one mistakenly follows them.

Juice cleanses:

diet trends that are not heart healthy

It is a common misconception amongst dieting freaks to switch over to juice cleanses. Most of us are in a hurry to replace our diet with such juices considering it is idle for our diet but, no wonder, such juice cleanses help you to lower your calorie intake. However, it is not a healthy weight loss measure. You actually are losing weight by starving your body from reduced calorie intake.

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Those diets that promise weight loss:

diet trends that are not heart healthy

When you list diet trends that are not heart healthy, the diets that promise quick weight loss are bound to be present. Such diets claim to lose more than a pound per day but are usually not potent weight loss regimens. Losing a pound or so in a week is considered to be healthy. Also, losing weight slowly with perseverance helps you to stay on weight off for more weeks.

More Diet Trends that are not Heart Healthy…

Restrict diets that restrict your food intake for a longer time:


diet trends that are not heart healthy

When your dietary plans ask you to stay on a diet that restricts your food intake for a longer time, you are actually risking your metabolism. It is advisable to avoid all such dietary patterns that limit your per day calorie intake to an amount below 1200 calories. Such people are most likely to fall prey to eating disorders and in turn leading to severe cardiovascular diseases.

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Diet called colon cleansing:

diet trends that are not heart healthy

Nowadays, the colon cleansing diet is one of the ongoing dietary trends. It is believed that colon cleansing helps in eliminating toxins and boosts up energy levels. Further, with these two activities, it aims to enhance your immune system and its defensive mechanism. However, researches worked on colon cleansing highlights that it may prove to be harmful. Colon cleansing can give rise to vomiting, diarrhea, cramping, bloating, and other related health issues. These issues are more considerable in the case of those who are suffering from kidney and cardiovascular disorders.

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Diet Trends that are not Heart Healthy…

Reasons why researches ask you to avoid diet trends that are not heart healthy:

diet trends that are not heart healthy

  • In case you religiously follow the latest diet trends without medical supervision, it could worsen your health. You may even have to spend more money recovering rather than losing weight efficiently.
  • A balanced diet with an optimal intake of every essential nutrient is sufficient enough to keep you healthy, fit, and active.
  • Supplements of essential nutrients can take a heavy toll on your monthly income. 

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