10 Popular Dog Breeds in India

dog breeds in India

Are you looking for some popular dog breeds in India? Before we begin to discuss more, here is a quote to make you fall in love with dogs all over again.

“Dogs aren’t our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

dog breeds in India

If you’re a dog lover, you probably know that it’s best to adopt. But if you’re not a dog lover and are just starting to think of owning a pet dog or feed those on the streets, here are some traits of dogs that you must know. Dogs are loyal, affectionate, and really smart animals. They are more like your companions and give their masters/owners unconditional love and respect. This is something all people with dogs will tell you because they experience it in their daily lives.

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Popular dog breeds in India

You must have heard “Dogs are a man’s best friend”. This, in reality, is absolutely true. The fact is that over 340 dog breeds exist in this world. With that being said, let’s take a look at the 10 most popular dog breeds in India:

German Shepherd

dog breeds in India

The German Shepherd is a curious, loyal, affectionate, intelligent, and courageous dog breed. This breed has a trait of risking their own lives for the protection of their families. This makes them the best guard dogs. Along with being active and agile, their life expectancy falls between 9 to 13 years.

German Shepherd puppies have a faster growth rate and thus require a diet rich in protein. They heavily shed and possess a thick double coat. Hence, it is necessary for you to regularly brush and groom them.

Labrador Retriever

dog breeds in India

Labradors are famously known for their friendly and companion nature. They have a tendency to easily bond with humans. Their social skills with other dogs and humans are their highlights. Along with being active, agile, obedient, energetic, outgoing, and friendly, they have a life expectancy between 10 to 12 years.

Golden Retriever

dog breeds in India

Golden Retrievers are very popular as pets. They have a loving and obedient nature and are also very intelligent. They are well built, medium-sized dogs that make for good watchdogs. Along with having a water-resistant coat, dense with straight/wavy outer coat that requires regular grooming, they have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

Golden Retrievers need high-quality food. They also have a history of suffering from obesity, so watch your dog’s calorie intake. You should also know that this breed is outgoing and loyal. Early socialization is highly recommended.

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Cute and Popular dog breeds in India


dog breeds in India

Pugs are one of the best family dogs. This breed’s hair fall is quite low which makes them easy to maintain. They also don’t need to be bathed unless they get any dirt or mess. However, make sure you take them for a regular nail trimming. This breed has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years and is charming, stubborn, but also playful.

As long as they are fed healthy calories, Pugs do well with both homemade and manufactured foods. They are vulnerable to obesity and that is why their diet should not contain too much fat. Not only this, but they are also highly adaptable dogs that equally cherish to stay at home as well as enjoy the outdoors.


dog breeds in India

Beagles are an extremely friendly and intelligent dog breed. They are without a doubt, one of the most adorable and commonly owned dog breeds, not only in India but also worldwide. They are small or medium-sized and are used as sniffer dogs in airports because of their strong sense of smell.

Along with having a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years, they are also friendly, curious, and merry in nature. When it comes to food, beagles have a tendency to eat whatever food comes their way. This is why you need to take care of their diet as they have a habit of overeating at times. Well, they are amazing in all qualities but they need thorough house-training.

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Here are a few more Cute and Popular dog breeds in India:


dog breeds in India

Pomeranians are usually active and playful. They are the best companions for kids and are also good as watchdogs. They are small in size, extroverted, intelligent, friendly, and sociable. Their life expectancy lies between 12 to 16 years.


dog breeds in India

The Rottweiler dog breed is intelligent, loyal, strong, steady, alert, obedient, and courageous. The breed has a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years and is large in size. They make good guard dogs and are mostly used for police and military work.

Indian Spitz

dog breeds in India

Indian Spitz is a kind, intelligent, active, and athletic dog breed. It is very attractive and makes for an ideal family pet in India. Although they are always confused with Pomeranians, they are not the same breed. Their sizes are mostly small and they live for about 10 to 14 years.


dog breeds in India

Boxer is a high-energy dog with strength and agility which makes them good watchdogs. Their qualities also include patience, playfulness, and aggressiveness towards those that threaten their loved ones. Their life expectancy varies between 10 to 12 years.


dog breeds in India

Doberman is a fearless, alert, energetic, and confident dog breed that is large in size and lives for nearly 10 to 13 years. They are best known for their agility, speed, and intelligence.

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