Easy Ways to Strengthen your Bones

ways to strengthen your bones

Bones in our body play a very important role in the functioning of the body. The fact is that bones provide our body a frame and protects our heart and other vital organs. The bones work together with the muscles in order for us to do activities like walking, running, etc. Hence, it is very important that our bones remain healthy and strong. The article covers some of the easy ways to strengthen your bones.

Easy ways to strengthen your bones

  • Eat Vegetables and Calcium-rich foods: ways to strengthen your bonesVegetables are the best sources of vitamin C which helps in stimulating the production of the bone-forming cells in our bodies. It also helps in increasing the bone density. Also, adding calcium rich food to your diet will help your bones grow stronger. Calcium makes bones grow healthy and strong.

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  • Strength Training and Weight-bearing exercises: ways to strengthen your bones You must aim to stay active for as long as you can and should try exercising that can help in keeping your bones strong like, weight bearing exercises- running, aerobics, walking, tennis, hiking, etc. You could also try strength training exercises- weight-lifting, push ups and some yoga. These all helps in improving your body balance. Do remember to do the training under the guidance of an expert.

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  • Avoid Drinking and Smoking: ways to strengthen your bones As a matter of fact we know that alcohol and smoking are dangerous for our health and we must avoid it. Drinking or smoking can cause a huge amount of bone loss to the body and makes you prone to bone fractures, etc.
  • Vitamin D: ways to strengthen your bonesYou should try to absorb some sunlight in order to attain maximum amount of vitamin D as it helps in absorbing calcium from food into the body. It helps in increasing bone density and also enhances the functioning of our muscles. There are more chances of Vitamin D deficiency in people who consume only vegetarian food.

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  • Avoid Low-Calorie Diets: ways to strengthen your bones Low-calorie diets are not always a good idea. Very low calorie intake will not only adversely affect your metabolism but may also affect bone health. Be it a person who is underweight, overweight or normal in weight, a low-calorie diet below 1000 calories may result in decreasing the bone density in their bodies.

These were some easy ways to strengthen your bones and to keep yourself healthy and steady even when you turn old.

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