The impact of COVID-19 on the lungs: How does covid affect lungs

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Did you know covid affects the lungs? While COVID-19 has had its way around these few months, we guess it’s time you knew exactly how COVID-19 affects your body and more importantly, your lungs. With more research, scientists are trying to understand more about the effects of this deadly virus but meanwhile, here’s what’s important for you to take a look at to know about the effects of covid on lungs.effects of covid on lungs image

COVID-19 is a type of disease that causes lung complications like pneumonia, ARDS, sepsis, and superinfection. These are all serious issues that harm the lungs and other organs of the body.

Yes! covid affect the lungs in numerous ways including pneumonia. Pneumonia is a disease in which the lungs fill up with fluid and get inflamed. This is why it leads to difficulty in breathing, which, in some cases, is quite intense. To treat pneumonia, it is essential that you get treatment from a hospital that provides oxygen and ventilator support.

Talking about how covid impacts the lungs, COVID-19 pneumonia tends to catch hold of both the lungs in the body. In this case, the air sacs fill up with fluid, limiting one’s ability to take in oxygen naturally. This leads to shortness of breath, cough, and other symptoms. People who generally suffer from pneumonia don’t have any lasting damages but that is not the case with COVID-19 pneumonia. Even after a patient recovers from it, the lung injury remains and that is what results in troubled breathing.

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Effects of covid on lungs – How does Covid-19 affect lungs?

ARDS – Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

After pneumonia takes a toll on the functioning of the lungs post COVID-19 recovery, more air sacs fill up with fluids leaking from tiny blood vessels in the lungs. This causes shortness of breath, which then leads to acute respiratory distress syndrome, also understood as a form of lung failure. Once a patient suffers from ARDS, they are mostly unable to breathe naturally and require ventilator support.

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Effects of covid on lungs – How does covid affect the lungs?

Sepsis usually occurs when an infection reaches and spreads through the bloodstream. This causes the tissue to damage everywhere it goes. Sepsis causes disruption in the cooperation between different organs of the body. In this severe condition, the entire organ system starts to shut down, one after the other, including the lungs and the heart. According to research and analysis by the medical industry, it has been put out that Sepsis is a possible complication for those who have suffered severely from COVID-19.


Starting right from the first case that was reported in India in March 2020 till now, superinfection has been the most common reason for mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because while the body’s immune system fights hard against the invader (COVID-19), the body becomes vulnerable to infection. This is where other bacteria top up on COVID-19, leading to superinfection.

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