Egg consumption can reduce the risk of heart disease

egg consumption can reduce the risk of heart disease

Time has come to decode the mystery of the surprising benefits of egg to reduce the risks associated with heart disorders. New research studies highlight that egg consumption can reduce the risk of heart disease. The findings of this piece of research mark its presence in the Journal Heart.

egg consumption can reduce the risk of heart disease

Recent Research on the beneficial effects of egg consumption was carried out by a group of scientists from China. According to them, those who have at least one egg per day tend to have a lower risk of heart diseases. Additionally, they even stand on the side of lower risk for bleeding stroke symptoms.

How did the study conclude that egg consumption can reduce the risk of heart disease?

The research team involved in this study hailed from Peking University. Participants of the study were given a questionnaire to work on. Researchers questioned whether the participants had eggs or not in the past twelve months. The questionnaire involved daily egg consumption, 4-6 days in a week, 1-3 days in a week, 1-3 days in a month, and never consumed.

Here, the researchers emphasized controlling other parameters that might terminate into coronary disorders. To list a few were alcohol consumption, smoking, blood pressure, genetic history and so on. Optimizing these parameters makes the findings of this research even more reliable.

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egg benefitsWhat were the outcomes of the research?

  • Daily egg consumers highlight 11 percent lower risk associated with cardiovascular disorders.
  • It further states that such participants were shielded from cardiovascular failure associated deaths by nearly 18 percent.
  • There was also a significant decline of around 28 percent hemorrhagic related deaths from amongst those who never or rarely had eggs.
  • The results-oriented a similar way for both men and women.

The only shortcomings of this work were that all the participants were natives of China. Hence, the results were not applicable to the population across the globe.

Earlier, there were many attempts to re-direct the global focus towards similar researches. However, none of them could establish a linear relationship to prove that egg consumption can reduce the risk of heart disease.

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health benefits of eggSimilar research was initiated in the period from 2004 to 2008. Since then, the participants were continuously monitored for egg consumption and cardiovascular disorders. Throughout the follow-up period, there were 83,977 cardiovascular cases recorded with death cases accounting to 9985.

However, the present research still needs a broader approach to represent similar findings for the global population.

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