Energy giving foods to fight fatigue

Energy giving foods to fight fatigue

Energy giving foods to fight fatigue

We need to include energy giving foods to our diet as the food you provide to your body decides how much energetic you will remain throughout the entire day. The best way to get the maximum energy from your food is to eat right. So if you are looking for sustained energy, look for food options with complex carbs, protein and fiber.

We have listed some of the best options for energy giving foods that can help you fight fatigue and provide your body with the much-needed fuel:

1. WaterMelon


Watermelons, in particular, contain a large amount of water(90% in total) which prevents dehydration and is an amazing source of energy that helps you to fight fatigue.

2. OatMeal


When you wake up, you are running low on fuel and grabbing a bowl of oatmeal first thing in the morning is the right way to go. Oats contain essential carbohydrates that are stored in the body as glycogen and provide fuel for the brains and muscles. It is also loaded with high fiber and decent protein dose.



If you are looking to add much-needed fuel to your body, you can have bananas. Eating a banana is equivalent to having a carbohydrate drink. This potassium-packed fruit contains a bunch of essential nutrients like fiber, vitamin B6 that makes it an even more healthier option.



Beans are a perfect combination of carbs, protein and fiber. The protein fills you up, the carbs provide the much-needed energy and fiber helps to regulate blood
sugar. So, next time if you ever feel that your body is weak and fatigue, you can include beans in your diet and see the difference it brings.

5.Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea comes with a lot of health benefits and is a must-have if you feel tired and exhausted. Green tea boosts the brainpower and can come handy when you feel lazy at work. Green teas are available in a variety of flavours and can be easily prepared. Add honey only if you must.

Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes are a source of high energy as every medium-size piece contains around 23 gms of carbohydrates, 3.8 gms of fiber, as also has manganese and vitamin A. As the carbs from sweet potatoes are complex carbs, our body takes a longer time to digest them keeping a constant supply of energy to the body.

One of the most popular fruits world over, Apples contains a good amount of carbs and fiber. The presence of natural sugars and fiber results in a slow and steady release of energy. Apples also have a high antioxidant content, which can slow down the digestion of carbohydrates enabling release of energy over a longer duration of time.

Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate contains a high amount of cocoa content. The antioxidants present in cocoa increase blood flow within the body resulting in the release of more oxygen to brain and muscles, thereby improving their functions. The increase of blood flow could also help reduce mental fatigue and improve mood.

Some of the other options of energy giving foods include almonds, Quinoa, chia seeds, eggs, Yogurt, Hummus, Avocados etc. One must avoid foods like energy drinks, white bread and junk food which is not only harmful in the long run but also have an impact on the energy levels of an individual.

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