Even wondered, ‘Where does fat go when you lose weight ’?

where does fat go when you lose weight

Ever came across this question, ‘where does fat go when you lose weight ’? We all are somewhere obsessed with the concept of fad diets and so-called weight loss regimes. A recent study is a survey worked out on around those professionals who monitor their patient’s weight loss.

where does fat go when you lose weight

One common misconception regarding weight loss regime is the conversion of fat into energy. However, when you look at the law of energy conversion, the present hypothesis violates this law.

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In around 2014, the BMJ published a similar kind of research findings. Here, the researchers were keener on unveiling the fate of nearly 22 pounds fat. On a concluding note, the researchers interpret that around 18.5 pounds were liberated in the form of carbon dioxide. The remaining portion was transformed into water. This water later was excreted in the form of excretory products of the body.

when you have a control on your eating habits

Let us understand in-depth about ‘where does fat go when you lose weight ’?

As stated earlier, when you are on a weight loss regime, the pounds of fat which you lose are converted majorly to carbon dioxide and minimally to water. When you breathe out, carbon dioxide is exhaled from your system. On the other hand, the water becomes a part of your circulatory system. Simply you can say, that whatever amount of weight you lose is exhaled.

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All the carbohydrates and fats that you dump into your system eventually finds its fate out of your body as carbon dioxide via your lungs. The same goes for the proteins too. However, a small portion of your proteins is converted to urea as well as other solid forms. These by-products of proteins are later excreted through your excretory system.


When you have a control on your eating habits, you can exhale more of carbon dioxide from your body:

The primary aim of a healthy lifestyle is to eat less and emit more of carbon dioxide and other waste products. The more you adhere to increasing the movement of your muscles, the more you stand in a position to exhale out the waste products in the form of carbon dioxide. So here’s a simple formula to exhale more of waste products:

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When you intend to lose on 100 grams (fat), you have to schedule your body to exhale around 290 grams of your carbon dioxide. This metabolization of 100-gram fat requires the assistance of 290 grams of water to liberate the necessary amounts of carbon dioxide and water.

I hope now you are clear about where does fat go when you lose weight. Therefore, eat healthily and live longer.  For more updates, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.

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