Maintaining Body Balance and Excercises for Old People

exercises for old people

Exercises for old people is very important, and so is maintaining body balance, even though it is a risky task. Old age can be difficult, but it can also be blissful if you are fit and can handle yourself and your body. After retirement, most individuals want to finally relax and fulfil their heart’s desires, but many of them are not physically fit to travel due to the degeneration of the body. In fact, one out of three people in their old age suffers a huge or even a fatal fall. The most important way to prevent that is to know your body and work on your body balance.

1. Physical therapy

physical therapy

Physical therapy is really important for the body not only during old age but much before that also. It helps us maintaining our balance and coordination between our body parts, joints and the brain. Physical therapy can be done at home on your own, or at a certified physiotherapist’s clinic. There are some exercises that one can do at home to keep the body balance intact. Chair stands help a lot, and so do squats. For best balance, try the tree pose. If done regularly, your body balance will improve drastically.

2. Yoga


Yoga is a centuries-old practice, it is popular and still going strong even after so many decades for a reason. Yoga helps the body to not only lose excess weight, tone your muscles and keep you in shape, but also gives your body a certain level of calmness and balance. Yoga is often seen as a spiritual activity as well, but it definitely does help you in keeping control over your body and mind and is great as exercises for old people.

3. Vision Correctiveness

vision correctiveness

Old people often fall due to lack of vision correctiveness. Therefore, it is very important to constantly get yourself checked. If you are between 40 and 54, get a vision test every one year, and if you are above 54, get a vision test every twice a year depending on your susceptibility to eye dysfunction. Vision is a very important aspect to make sure you are safe even in your old age.

4. Using Physical Aids and Devices

physical aids and devices

Nowadays, there are several devices in the market that help you keep your body balance while you go about your daily activities. A cane or a walker that come in different types of sizes, grips etc to suit your specific needs can be used. These physical aids are very helpful and definitely prevent unnecessary injuries.

These are some of the exercises for old people and tasks that one can take up so that we can be sure that our old age will be secure!

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