Fasting is good for our health

fasting is good for our health

Let’s discuss if fasting is good for our health or not…Fasting like we know falls against our physical needs but not physical benefits and depriving yourself of something you want is really difficult. In the initial stages of fasting, it also goes against our habits… It is true that fasting can bring benefits to our health.

Fasting is good for our health because it helps in reducing cholesterol, lowering risks of heart diseases and diabetes. Though, this might not be such a good idea for everyone. For those who have unhealthy eating habits, you will never benefit out of fasting. This is because eating unhealthy is more dangerous than skipping a fast. Eating unhealthy can be hard on our body and would have unpleasantness.

Headaches, mood swings, no concentration, etc are all part of unpleasantness that is caused in our body because we eat unhealthy after a fast. It is proved by several studies that this happens because when we leave eating high fat or high sugar diets. We cut down from it suddenly and without warning the body which is why it becomes hard.

fasting is good for our healthWe would recommend you to fast only when you are on a healthy diet and you eat nothing unhealthy because only then you can benefit your health out of fasting. When we fast for a day or more our body enters into Ketosis. This happens due to loss of carbohydrates to burn for energy and uses fat from the body instead. This is also called the catabolic phase and it is also true that the longer time we spend in this state, the longer we can live.

Fasting sounds simple. No counting calories, no choices, no cooking! Just say no to food. This can be a great remedy for losing weight and has many other health benefits too. It is also true that the body is unable to remove toxins when all we eat is low in nutrients. Fasting allows our body to remove all the waste products from our body. Our body is also designed to fast every night when we sleep. Therefore, we know that fasting is good for our health.

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