Five basic exercises that everyone can do

Five basic exercises that everyone can do

Regular workouts or exercise is essential to stay healthy, fit and active. Five basic exercises that everyone can do help you feel rejuvenated and strengthened for your daily chores. Further, researches have also highlighted the positive effects of regular exercise on patients suffering from depression. Besides, it also shields people from falling prey to relapsing period. Recently, the New York Times highlighted the positive influence of exercising in overall brain development.

Five basic exercises that everyone can do

Regular physical exercise is beneficial for improving the overall health of the concerned individual. It further assists in getting rid of health risks such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and cancers.

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Five basic exercises that everyone can do:

Here is a list of five exercises that are easier for everyone to perform. Once you are in the habit they will also help you feel better and active all day through.

Regular walking:

Regular walking

Regular walking or running helps in building stronger bones. It also facilitates maintaining an optimum level of your body weight. Besides, researches highlight a reduction in the risks associated with cardiovascular disorders and higher blood pressures.

Jumping Jacks:

Jumping Jacks

Performing Jumping jacks plays a vital role in maintaining cardiovascular health. It further helps tone your body muscles. To perform jumping jacks, you need to stand with your feet close to each another. While you jump, spread your arms and legs. Restart and continue the same process again. Initially, you can do it for one minute. As you get comfortable with this exercise, gradually increase your input.

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Lunges help you promote your overall functional movement. Further, it is meant to increase your legs and glutes stamina. Lunges are performed by keeping your feet and shoulders parallel, then put forward your right leg and then bend down your right knee. Repeat the same with your left leg. Once you find yourself comfortable with Lunges, try to complete 10 reps per set and do 3 such sets regularly.



Pushups involve some muscular movements. Though it sounds relatively more straightforward, however, the effect is way beyond your expectations. To execute pushups, you need to start right away with plank position. While you bend your elbows try to lower your body towards the floor. No sooner you feel your chest touching the ground, return to the starting position. This is also to be performed in 3 sets per day basis.



If you want to increase the strength of your core and lower body, the squat is the exercise meant for you. Besides, it also imparts flexibility to your lower back and hip portion. This is the exercise where the largest muscles of your body are engaged in the performance. To begin with, stand straight with your feet slightly away from each other. Ensuring stability of your knees, bend down till you find your thighs to be in a position parallel to the ground. 3 sets, each of 20 reps on a regular basis is sufficient enough to maintain a firm body.

Hope these five basic exercises that everyone can do help you stay fit and healthy, and also tone your body. 

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