Healthy Foods: Five Best Food for Women Health

best food for women health

What are the best food for women health? There are some really good and healthy food options for women that can help them beat cramps, get glowing skin, keep them energized and much more. Whatever you eat as a part of your diet goes a long way in impacting your health.

The following healthy foods listed below help a woman fight health concerns and keeps them active, hence can easily be kept in the category of best food for women health.

1. Apples


One of the best foods women should be eating without having to think twice. Apples are effective at reducing the risk from heart related and cardiovascular diseases. Apples are rich in quercetin, an antioxidant that can boost body’s disease-fighting abilities. The women who consume apples on regular basis have less abdominal fat and lower blood pressure than their peers who don’t consume apples at all.

2. Oats


Oats are bursting with health-boosting nutrients which is great for female health. They keep the heart healthy, are great for digestion and keep blood pressure levels in check. Oats contain Vitamin B6 that prevents mood swings for women encountering it. The folic acid present in it prevents birth defects in babies and is essential for women during and after pregnancy.

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3. Milk


Calcium deficiency is one of the major health concerns that affect women worldwide. Milk is an absolute must for women in any age group. Milk is considered as a great source of calcium and when it is combined together with vitamin D, helps to fight osteoporosis. The dairy products are vital for a woman’s health in the longer run.



This may not be a favorite food for most of the women, but it consists of vitamins, minerals and high amounts of magnesium. Magnesium is an important element for women as it helps to reduce the physical symptoms of PMS like swelling, bloating, weight gain etc.



Salmon is a great substitute for iron. Most of the women usually don’t take much of iron in their diets. It is full of omega 3 fatty acids known to improve the mood. Experts feel that omega 3 helps to fight depression related troubles and prevent mood swings.

To sum up things

We have listed some of the options women must include in their diet. Diet plays a major factor for women as it helps them fight some major health troubles and keep them fit at the same time. Apart from checking best food for women health, it would be a good idea to check best sources of protein for vegetarians.

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