Fitness tips – Five common mistakes for new runners

five common mistakes for new runners

Five common mistakes for new runners everyone should be aware of.

Running is a sport where you make a mistake and learn for them. When you look at running, it is relatively a simpler sport. Yet people especially the newbies tend to commit mistakes. If you are planning to make a career in running, it is essential that you go through the five common mistakes for new runners. Professional runners set goals for themselves and give in their best to clinch in what they deserve. Once you start progressing ahead, things start becoming more complex in their overall approach.

five common mistakes for new runnersExperts choice on five common mistakes for new runners:

Picking the wrong pair

picking-the-wrong-pairThis is the first stage where most of the new runners go wrong. Picking up either the old shoes or a wrong pair will drive you towards running injuries. If you are unaware of the running shoe technicality, you can just step in a running speciality store. There the experts shall assist you in evaluating your running style and the type of your foot.

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Do you prefer over striding?

do-you-prefer-overstridingHere, the new runners prefer either to step in landing heel before. Over striding is the posture where your foot lies well ahead from your body’s gravitational centre. Longer strides won’t benefit you with an increase in efficiency. In case, if you still go ahead, you are likely to be prone to shin splints.

Evaluate your control when you run along the hilly regions

walking in hilly areas

While you are running down the hills, it is essential that you avoid leaning far forward or running out of control. This can lead to massive injuries. It is best to practise slight forward leaning while running down the hilly regions. Also, it is advisable to avoid back leaning for breaking your momentum.

Is your body sufficiently hydrated?

water intake benefits

Worrying too much about the side stitches and avoiding drinking water or other fluids won’t serve you right. The only consequence from this will be that you are going to dehydrate yourself at the maximum. This may not only affect your performance but also your overall health. To avoid all such consequences, it is always better to evaluate your water intake and supplement it with the right amounts. For this, you need to consider the amount of water you drink before, during and after running.

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Are you over-trained?

effects of over trainingSome of the good runners are forced to train hard to run miles. As a result, they end up with little to no recovery time for their body to heal. Overtraining leads to body injuries and burnouts.

These are the five common mistakes for new runners. Go through them religiously to have a refreshing beginning for your new career and healthier body.

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