Five Healthy Snack Swaps That Can Satisfy Your Sweet Craving

If you’ve a sweet tooth, you would relate to that endless guilt trips that we have while munching our favorite sweet! Now, let’s face it, how-much-so-ever we try, we are never able to forbid ourselves from gobbling on sweet delicacies. But what if we tell you that there are some healthier ways to satisfy that sweet craving post meal.

Just swap your regular sweets with these healthy snacks and notice the difference:

  1. Frozen Chocolate Banana:
    Frozen Chocolate Banana
    The best  post-breakfast sweet snack, frozen chocolate banana is an easiest swap. A great source of vitamins C and B6, bananas are also packed with fiber and potassium thereby acts as a perfect start to your morning routine. Peel a banana and freeze it. Once frozen, take it out and dip it into hot chocolate and sprinkle your favorite crunchy topping like nuts or granola and refrigerate it again.
  2. Chocolate Dipped Strawberry:
    Chocolate Dipped Strawberry
    Post-dinner sweet cravings are hard to satiate! So, instead of eating regular chocolate, try stocking some fresh strawberries in your kitchen. And whenever these craving rings a bell, just dip some strawberries in hot melted chocolate and freeze it for about 10 mins. And just enjoy!
  3. Choco-Nut-Popcorn:
    If you’re a popcorn lover, this would be the healthiest option for satiating mid-morning or tea-time sweet cravings. All you need to do is just pop a bag of popcorn and top it a tablespoon of peanut butter and sweetened cocoa powder. And if you want it to be more sweet, replace the peanut butter with some nutella.
  4. All Fruit Popsicle:
    All Fruit Popsicle
    A perfect and refreshing snack for summer afternoons, all fruit popsicle is the best snack for satiating post-lunch sweet craving. To make one, just take fruits of your choice (like watermelon and kiwi, apple and pineapple, combination of berries) and blend it with a half lemon. Now, freeze this in a popsicle mould until solid and enjoy it post-lunch without going into any guilt-trips!
  5. Nutella-Yogurt Dip With Fresh Fruits: Nutella-Yogurt Dip With Fresh Fruits
    Instead of using regular nutella, you can mix it with vanilla or plain greek yogurt, this will reduce the number of calories that you would have consumed while eating regular nutella. And eating it with fresh fruits will make you full quickly. It’s a perfect and healthy sweet snack for post-breakfast sweet cravings.

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