Effective and quick relief home remedies for back pain

home remedies for back pain natural remedies

Home remedies back pain- Backache, one of the most common problems which aren’t specific among a certain age or gender. The wider area is the lower part of the back. The reason could be anything. Improper lifting of any object, bad body posture, arthritis or any medical condition. If you belong to people who want to stay away from gulping down pills, here is what you should try.

Here are some easy and natural home remedies for back pain

home remedies for back pain natural remedies

Home remedies back pain

Peppermint Oil
This essential oil has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that relieve pain and muscle spasms. Mix a few drops of peppermint oil with coconut or almond oil. Massage it on your back.

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Castor Oil
It has ricinoleic acid which has anti-inflammatory as well as analgesic properties which not only aids in inflammation but also accelerates recovery. Warm one tablespoon of castor oil and apply on the affected area. Leave overnight.

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Epsom Salt Bath
Epsom Salt Bath
The salt is rich in magnesium said to be very helpful to ease the pain. In a standard tub full of warm water add one to two cups of Epsom salt and soak in it for about 15 minutes. Repeat this thrice a week. Do check with your doctor beforehand.

Home remedies back pain

Famous for its medicinal attributes, fenugreek has anti-inflammatory properties and even researchers have proved it\s pain relieving quality. In a glass of hot milk, add one teaspoon of fenugreek powder and honey (optional) and drink it.

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Rich in compounds like selenium and capsaicin which have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, garlic helps in eliminating the pain. Crush 8 to 10 garlic cloves and apply the paste to the affected area and cover it with a clean towel. Keep it for 25-30 minutes and wipe off with a wet cloth.

Turmeric milkturmeric-milk for back pain

Mix half teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk. You can add honey to the milk if you prefer a sweet taste. Drink this just before bedtime to allow the anti-inflammatory process to work while you sleep.

Home remedies back pain

AshwagandhaAshwagandha for back pain

The anti-inflammatory property in Ashwagandha makes it the ultimate choice for providing relief from pain and inflammation. It is also effective against different types of arthritis or other inflamed conditions.

Stretchingstretching for back pain relief

Stretching can reduce tension in muscles and support the spine. Stretching can improve range of motion and overall mobility, reducing the risk of disability caused by back pain.

Work on your postureWork-on-your-posture for back pain

If you have back pain, improve your posture. Try to sit straight and keep a watch on your posture as a lot of time we all just bend our back and keep sitting like that for a long time without even realising it. Roll your shoulders and neck forward into a full slouching position. Now, slowly pull your head and shoulders up into a tall sitting position. Push your lower back forward and accentuate the curves of your spine. Hold for several seconds and relax.

Home remedies back pain

Use heat and cold applicationUse-heat-and-cold-application for back pain

Heat boosts the flow of blood of the body. It works best for morning stiffness or to warm up muscles before activity. Cold slows blood flow, reducing swelling and pain and best for short-term pain, like a sprain or a strain.

Do visit a Doctor if the pain persists.

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Disclaimer: This article is solely for informational purposes. Do not self-diagnose or self-medicate, and in all cases consult a certified healthcare professional before using any information presented in the article. The editorial board does not guarantee any results and does not bear any responsibility for any harm that may result from using the information provided in the article.

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