Five natural home remedies for Headache

Five natural home remedies for Headache

Our fast-paced lifestyle and extremely stressful work life often take a toll on our health and the most common problem that closes in during a stressful environment is a severe headache. And that’s why you try everything from hot steaming cup of coffee to chamomile tea and popping an aspirin for soothing the headache. Though it is advisable not do take medicines for frequent headaches, but most of the times we end up doing so for quick relief. You may not know but there are certain natural products that also help in quick relief from a headache.

Here are giving you five natural home remedies for headache relief:

  • Ginger Tea:
    Ginger Tea
    Often touted as the elixir of all kinds of headaches, ginger can be best consumed in the form of hot ginger tea. Instantly reducing the inflammation of the blood vessels in brain, ginger helps in soothing the headache almost immediately. If you don’t drink tea, you can simply grate some fresh ginger and boil it in water, sieve it and drink.

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  • Peppermint Oil:
    A good source of methanol, peppermint helps in opening up the clogged blood vessels that is the main cause of headache. It has a very soothing and calming effect that will make you relax. You can either massage a mixture of peppermint oil, olive oil and almond oil over your head or add a few drops of peppermint oil in the steamer and inhale it for a few minutes.

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  • Cinnamon Tea or Cinnamon Mask: 
    Cinnamon Tea or Cinnamon Mask
    Cinnamon is a magical spice that does wonders on headaches. It comes in two forms, cinnamon sticks and cinnamon powder. If you like the taste of this spice, you can prepare some hot cinnamon-honey milk and drink it, otherwise, you can also grind some cinnamon sticks and add honey to it to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on your head and wait for 10 minutes. After it is completely dried up, wash it with lukewarm water.
  • Cloves:
    Owing to the cooling and pain-relieving property of cloves, it is best suited for calming the throbbing headache almost instantly. All you need to do is keep some crushed cloves in a sachet or handkerchief and breathe in its aroma for a few minutes.  Alternatively, you can also put 2 drops of clove oil in a tablespoon of coconut oil plus sea salt and gently massage your forehead and temples with it.

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  • Lavender Oil:

    This is yet another way of treating the headache with aromatherapy. An effective mood stabilizer and sedative, lavender works best on migraine headaches. You can either massage your temple area with a few drops of lavender oil or breathe in its aroma to get instant relief from the throbbing pain.

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