General Guidelines for Yoga

General Guidelines for Yoga

Yoga requires one to do things that as beginners they may have never done before. This might open up your body for injuries which makes it necessary that you follow the Yoga regime not only religiously but also in a very cautious manner.




  1. Know how to do

Before practicing any asana yourself, take a few class to understand the basics of it and also your body will get adjusted to this new form of exercise.

  1. Doctor consultation

Before practicing any asana consult your doctor or physician if it is going to do you more harm than good because not all poses are good for body conditions.

  1. Listen to your body

Whenever you are performing an exercise, always be aware of how your body reacts and refrain from them in case you feel uncomfortable or get pain. Your body is the perfect meter to show how well you are performing, so listen to it.

  1. Don’t use force

Never let yourself or any teacher/yoga guru force you into a position which might be uncomfortable. Achieving a perfect position is commendable but reach it at your own pace.

  1. Never compete

Yoga is to attain peace of mind and balance of body, not something where you try to compete with someone. Everybody has their different body and has its own pace.

  1. Be responsible

You are responsible for your own health so don’t stretch yourself beyond boundaries.

  1. Stay until comfortable

You should stay in a pose until you don’t strain your body. There is a difference between stretching and straining and when one starts turning into another, you should refrain from that pose.If you start feeling numbness while performing an asana, consult a yoga technician or a physician.

  1. Upside down poses

These poses require strong neck, back, shoulder and arms strength and should be practiced only under expert guidance and once you have achieved a good level of body balancing. Any premature advancement to one of these causes might be harmful.

  1. Breathing Asanas

Though they have so many advantages but in case one doesn’t perform it cautionary, one might end up with more problems than benefits. These shall be strictly performed under a yoga instructor unless you achieve mastery on the same.

  1. Love yourself as you are

In order to attain the benefits of yoga, you should love your body and appreciate your mind. Yoga shouldn’t just drive you to attain a beautiful body but it shall drive you to get in peace with yourself.


Yoga can be practiced by people of all ages. For getting the best out of yoga, practice every day at the same time with full commitment and passion. Do not forget to consult a Doctor before getting into a regular regime.


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