Hacks to keep your lipstick long lasting

hacks to keep your lipstick long lasting

Hacks to keep your lipstick long lasting – Girls, get the perfect pout this morning. Most girls who love to apply lipstick on a daily basis face a common problem that but by noon their lipstick comes off. A touch-up every two hours is realistically impossible. So, here are some really easy hacks to keep your lipstick long lasting.

Hacks to keep your lipstick long lasting

  • Scrubbing – Scrubbing the top surface of your lips with a damp toothbrush to get rid of dry skin cells. This will make your lip looks fuller.
  • Exfoliating and moisturizing – For well-moisturized lips, apply a lip balm or coconut oil every night before going to bed. Before applying lip color, apply lip balm and leave it on for a while.
  • Powder – Powder is the key! Apply your favorite lip color, hold a tissue over your mouth, and then dust translucent powder over it. The powder transfer onto the tissue will lock the color in your lips.

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  • Lipstick stained teeth – Lipstick on your teeth can make you look hideous. After applying your lipstick pout and put your index finger in your mouth such that your lips wrap around the finger. Then, pull the finger out. This will remove excess lipstick.
  • Avoid dry lips with a matte – Matte looks amazing on your lips, sadly they are drying and applying matte lipsticks in winters could damage and dehydrate your lips. Apply a thin layer of lip balm before you apply any matte lipstick.
  • Protect your lipsticks in summer – During summers, store your lipsticks in the refrigerator to save them from melting.

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  • The perfect shape is important – Draw”X” on the center of your upper lip. So, when the lipstick starts to wear off, you won’t have that tell-tale ring of lip liner around your mouth.
  • Use concealer as a lip primer – Outline your lips with a concealer. Concealer can be your best lip primer and will prevent spill outs and smudging at the edges. Less smudging will make your lipstick stay longer.

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  • Use a brush to apply lipstick – Take a few seconds to apply your lipstick with a lip brush, rather than straight from the bullet. Using a brush provides control, which can make your lipstick last long.

So girls, now you have many options to keep your lipstick long-lasting. It’s time to rock the world girls.


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