Best Hand Care Routine: Latest health tips to take good care of your hands

hand care routine

Do you not have a hand care routine? Well, that’s no surprise. Most people tend to forget to take care of their hands, but that is certainly not right. Hands help us in accomplishing all the important things in our daily life. Starting from brushing our teeth in the morning to almost everything that we do in a day involves using hands, hence hands are one of the most used parts of our body.

hand care routine

The Idle hand care routine

Now that you’ve realized how important it is for us to look after the one thing that makes us achieve the most, here are some health tips that will help you in understanding how to take care of your hands.

Limit exposure to hot water

If you want your hands to be supple just ease up on using hot water on your hands. Hot water tends to dry out the skin and causes the polish to lift.

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A hand care routine for smooth hands

Keep a hand cream or lotion everywhere

hand care routine


You should keep a hand cream with yourself at all times. This way you will always remember to apply it throughout the day. You can also keep a lotion or hand cream at your nightstand to remember using it at night. Yes, this sounds obsessive but only constant moisturizing is the key to smooth skin.

Use skincare products on hands

hand care routine

While you’re busy exfoliating your face, it might sound sensible to use some on your hands to scrub away the dead skin. This rule applies for all your skincare products.

Take care of your cuticles

hand care routine

A healthy cuticle leads to healthy nails so massage a drop of oil into the base of each nail as and when you can.

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Secrets tips for a great hand care routine

Apply SPF regularly

hand care routine

The skin on the back of our hands is very thin and therefore the first signs of aging appear here. Using sunscreen is the best defense to that so make sure you keep one in your purse.

Manicure occasionally

hand care routine

A little extra care for hands is never too wrong, even if that happens once a month. Visit a salon and get your nails trimmed, filed, shaped, and buffed only to keep them in good shape.

Hand Care Routine and health tips

Here are some more simple health tips that will help keep good care of your hands:

  • Keep your hands clean
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Moisturize your hands regularly
  • Protect your hands from extreme temperatures
  • Use only good quality products on your hands
  • Give your nails some breathing time in-between change of nail paints
  • Eat healthy food and include Vitamin B and E in your diet.
  • Avoid harsh soaps.
  • Wear gloves when washing 

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