Harmful food supplements you had no idea about

harmful food supplements

harmful food supplements – Are you on weight loss or pre-workout supplements? If yes, then researchers have something in store for you! 

Recent research evaluates the possible side effects of harmful food supplements on the human body. The 24 targeted supplements were those meant for weight loss or to be used as a pre-workout aid. John Travis, the senior researcher from NSF International (Ann Arbor, MI), was a part of this research.

Findings of the research highlight a varying concentration of higenamine, a compound belonging to the beta-2 agonist group in these 24 food supplements. Higenamine is a toxic compound that affects the cardiovascular system.

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Where does John’s research direct us?

To trace the harmful food supplements, the researchers analyzed around 24 weight loss or pre-workout supplements containing higenamine.

The supplement list includes Adrenal Pump, Uplift, Apidren, ThermoVate, Beta-Slim, Stim Shot, Burn-HC, Ritual Pre-workout Supplement, Defcon1 Second Strike, Razor8, Diablo, Pyroxamine, Gnar Pump, Prostun-Advanced Thermogenic, Higenamine, OxyShred, High Definition, N.O. Vate, HyperMax, LipoRUSH DS2, iBurn2, Liporidex Plus, and Liporidex Max.

Out of these 24 food supplements, only five of them enlisted the exact presence of higenamine. Interestingly, John and his associates found out that the labeled quantities were misguiding as they lacked precision.

harmful food supplements

According to the labeling of five supplements, it is advisable to consume these products in quantity near to 110 milligrams per day. On the other hand, the higenamine was found to be ranging from trace amounts to 65 milligrams per serving. Thus, a person consuming 110 milligrams of the food supplement containing around 65 milligrams of higenamine per day, it would lead to severe effects. 

As far as higenamine (stimulant) is concerned, there is no evidence to prove its potential effects on human health. However, preliminary studies worked out with higenamine signals about its risk in the normal functioning of the heart and other vital organs.

WADA’s ban on the consumption of higenamine:

Reckoned for its disturbing effects on the heart, higenamine is cursed with a ban from the desk of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). WADA’s ban refrains all the athletes from the intake of this plant-based stimulant. 

Irrespective of the ban, many of the dietary supplements marking their presence in the market contains aconite. Aconite is a natural source of higenamine.

The outcomes of this research provide an insight into the concerning levels of higenamine and the misguiding labeling information. It further urges the Food and Drug Adulteration (FDA) to issue stringent guidelines to emancipate the market from harmful food supplements

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