Recipe of making Honey – Soaked Garlic – Expert Luke Coutinho reveals, Check ingredients needed for that

health benefits of garlic soaked with honey

Health benefits of garlic soaked with honey – Our regular home pantries are usually a treasure of health, there are various ingredients that we use on a daily basis without realizing their true nourishing nature.  We usually just decide our preferences on the basis of what tastes good to us, however, mother nature has hidden various nutritional gems that appeal to the masses and provide us with many essential nutrients and minerals. From spices to fruits and vegetables – our kitchen is full of ingredients that help our bodies function at it’s optimum benefits of garlic soaked with honey

 One such versatile ingredient is garlic (or lehsun). The pungent taste and strong aroma make garlic a popular choice in the cooking world, especially in a rich and powerful cuisine like Indian food. Garlic is used all over the world to provide a punchy flavor to dishes like dals, vegetable stews, pizzas, pastas, etc. 

Health benefits of garlic soaked with honey

However, if you think garlic is credited for its culinary versatility, then its pool of health benefits are unbeknownst to you.  Garlic is rich in many essential nutrients and has been a part of traditional medicine for centuries.  Many health experts and nutritionists also recommend eating raw garlic first thing in the morning for body detoxification.

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Life coach and celebrity nutritionist Luke Coutinho recently shared another healthy way to incorporate garlic in our diets on his Instagram. He talks about consuming raw garlic soaked in unpasteurized honey.

Health benefits of garlic soaked in honey:


Garlic has always been reported to be an effective home remedy for weight loss, the common cold, detoxification of our bodies, and more.  When combined with honey (also known for its rich nutrient profile), the benefits immediately double.

Health benefits of garlic soaked with honey

According to Luke Coutinho, honey-soaked garlic is “very good for colds, coughs, viral infections, liver function, immunity and your digestive system.”  He adds, “You cannot go wrong with this age-old remedy.”

How to make Honey  Soaked Garlic.  Garlic Recipe in Honey:

Step 1 – Peel the garlic and slice it into halves.

Step 2 – Submerge it in raw, unpasteurized honey in an air-tight glass jar.

Step 3 – Soak for a week and then use as required

Soaked Garlic

 Luke Coutinho also mentioned the dosage as, “You can eat 1 slice a day.”  However, since everyone is not used to this, it may cause a burning sensation after taking it on an empty stomach. Hence nutritionists suggest consuming it after breakfast or dinner.

We sincerely hope you are able to get the full benefits of this recipe and it helps cure whatever ails you. 

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