Health Benefits of Olive

health benefits of olive

Olives are used as toppings and additions in meals and appetizers for taste. They are low in carbohydrates and have high amount of healthy fats. Olives can be easily added into our diets and make your diet healthy.

Here are some major Health Benefits of Olive.

  • Healthy Snack:healthy snack Olives have a lot of fatty acids which helps in lowering the LDL, i.e., bad cholesterol and also maintains the HDL, i.e., good cholesterol.
  • Improves Blood Circulation:improves blood circulation The compounds in olives increase nitric oxide which improves the vascular functions by helping in blood flood to tissues. This is helpful for both short-term and long-term health. Olives also provide huge amount of iron which is an important mineral supporting the respiratory system of our body.
  • Healthy Brain:healthy brain Olive helps in reducing oxidative stresses which are caused by inflammation. They protect tissues of vital organs like the brain’s from irreversible damage. Another vitamin E present in olives reduces the risks of cognitive declines.
  • Healthy Bones: healthy bonesThe polyphenols present in olives improves the bone’s mineral density. It also reduces the risks of fractures in adults and older people.
  • Improves Blood Sugar: improves blood sugarAn olive oil known as extra virgin olive oil lowers blood sugar levels within 2 hours after a meal. This happens as it aids the insulin actions. It is also proved that olive can help in reducing the risks of diabetes.
  • Reduces Risk of Cancer:reduces risk of cancer People in the Mediterranean regions rarely suffer from cancer. This is because they eat a lot of olives and olive oil. Olives contain a compound, phenolic which includes squalene and terpenoid which are also known as potent anti-cancer agents. It also helps in protecting the cellular DNA and reduces oxidative stress.
  • Promotes Weight Loss: promotes weight lossFrom the many health benefits of olive here is another, eating healthy fats contributes in weight loss and olives are considered to be a healthy fat. Not only this but they also help in mobilizing free fatty acids and helps in decreasing inflammation due to rapid fat oxidation.
  • Relieves Pain: Olives can really help in relieving your pain. You can simply eat olives in place of taking painkillers.

There were some health benefits of olive. Also read Nutritional Benefits of Kidney Beans and Diet food for Abs.

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