Nutrition for Kids: Choose the healthiest diet for your kids in their years of growth

healthy food for kids

Do you have to make too much effort to make healthy food for kids? Well, today let’s discuss healthy nutrition for kids which will help them grow well in their early years of growth. If you want your child to eat healthy food, you must know which nutrients are necessary for their body and how much nutrients should they eat.

healthy food for kids

Nutrition for all (kids and adults) is based on the same principles. Everyone needs the same types of nutrients – vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Children however need different amounts of particularly specific nutrients at different ages.

Here is what you must include in healthy food for kids:


healthy food for kids

Proteins in lean meat and poultry, eggs, beans, peas, seafood, soy products, and unsalted nuts and seeds are best suitable for kids.

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Choose healthy food for kids – health and nutrition tips


healthy food for kids

Eating fresh, canned, frozen, or dried fruits are better than their juice. So, encourage your child to eat more fruits rather than juices. If, in any case, your child drinks juice then make sure that it is 100% juice without any added sugar. If you’re making a decision to buy canned fruits, make sure you look for ones that say its light or packed in its own juice (low in added sugar). A quarter cup of dried fruits counts as 1 cup of fruit so if eaten in excess, it can contribute to extra calories.


healthy food for kids

Eating vegetables is almost equally as important as breathing. Make sure you add a variety of vegetables for your kids to eat. Include all kinds of dark green, red and orange, beans and peas, starchy and others, each week to make your kid strong and full of necessary nutrients. If, in any case, you plan on buying canned or frozen vegetables, look for options with lower sodium.


healthy food for kids

Choosing whole grains, such as whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, popcorn, quinoa, or brown/wild rice is good for your kid. Limit serving refined grains such as white bread, pasta, and rice.

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healthy food for kids

Dairy should be a daily habit for kids. Encourage your child to eat and drink fat-free or low-fat dairy products, including milk, yogurt, cheese, or fortified soy beverages.

Limit the following un-healthy foods for kids

Added Sugar

healthy food for kids

Added Sugar is very harmful to children. So, limit added sugar intake of your kids and teach them to choose naturally occurring sugars like fruits and milk. Examples of added sugars include brown sugar, corn sweetener, corn syrup, honey, and others.

Saturated and Trans fats

healthy food for kids

Again, Saturated and Trans fats are unhealthy for kids. They mainly come from animal sources of food like red meat, poultry, and full-fat dairy products. So, lookout for ways to replace saturated fats with vegetable and nut oils. This will provide essential fatty acids and vitamin E to your kids. Healthier fats are also naturally present in olives, nuts, avocados, and seafood. Limit your kid’s intake of trans fats by avoiding foods that contain any partially hydrogenated oils.

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