How to keep Children healthy during Lockdown

healthy tips for children during lockdown

Healthy Tips for Children during Lockdown – Managing a family is not easy at all, especially with the on-going crisis when most of us are working from home or are managing the household chores all by ourselves. With all this change in the environment due to the lockdown, it has become a little difficult to manage children. This is because they have nothing much to do and aren’t even allowed to play out in the park with friends in their free time.

The lockdown can affect the lives of children more than it can affect yours. This is because you are keeping busy while your kids are either lying in bed or sitting on the couch or eating. This can result in a lot of health issues, without you even realizing it. So, it’s time that you looked up for some healthy tips for children during lockdown.

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Healthy Tips for Children during lockdown

The fact is that children take up a lot of habits from their family, which is why we must make it a point to set some good examples. It is very important to create some healthy habits for your children early on. So, these tips below will help your kids be happy and healthy in such a situation of global crisis.

Eat Healthy

healthy tips for children during lockdown

Healthy eating is a clever way to protect your kids from diseases and illnesses. A healthy meal with all the right nutrients helps in maintaining body strength, energy, and growth in kids. You can also let your kid plan a meal every alternate day and make it a point to eat with them. Teach your kids good table etiquettes, including chewing slowly and practice portion control. Also, don’t forget to make them drink plenty of water.

Be Active

healthy tips for children during lockdown

A lockdown isn’t exactly a great idea for being active but make it a point to make your kids move more. Pick a physical activity that your kids can do for at least 30-60 minutes every day. Apart from this, short sessions of movement will add up to fitness for kids.

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Healthy Tips for Children during Lockdown

Control Media Usage

healthy tips for children during lockdown

Limit your child’s TV, computer, and video game time to less than 2 hours for a day. Instead, encourage them for physical activities at home. You can also make them learn some brain-storming games like Chess.

Keep your Kids Busy

healthy tips for children during lockdown

Design your kid’s schedule to be busy. This will help them in keeping their head in useful and creative things. Nurture their minds with positivity by keeping them busy with hobbies that they enjoy.

Maintain Routines

healthy tips for children during lockdown

Maintain a regular routine to reassure and promote physical and mental health for kids. Children need to work in a structure which you must encourage as parents. Make it a point that your kids learn something new, play, eat, and have enough sleep every day.

Remember that kids are sensitive and need a lot of attention. So, make it a point that you talk to them before sleeping every day.

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