Stomach Pain: Excellent Home Remedies for Stomach Ache

home remedies for stomach pain

Home Remedies for Stomach Pain – Who doesn’t like to have good cheat days when it comes to food? But having stomach ache due to indigestion afterwards is always a nightmare. Usually, mild stomachaches are not a cause of concern and can be cured with practical home remedies. Here we will discuss some easy-peasy, practical home remedies for stomach ache.home remedies for stomach pain

Home Remedies for Stomach Pain – how to get rid of a stomach ache fast

The given home remedies for stomach ache use products that are easily available. These remedies can cure stomach aches or help you manage it till the time you seek medical help. Let’s check out what these are-

1) Keep your body well hydrated

Sounds very common, right? It is proven that drinking 6-8 glasses of water helps to flush out all the toxins from your body. Water acts as a natural cleanser for your metabolism which is quite important for a strong digestive system. People who suffer from stomachaches quite often, it is best advised to develop a habit of drinking lukewarm water every day.

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2) Ginger- Best Home Remedy for Upset Stomach 

 Ginger has been used since countless years to cure indigestion problems. Ginger is light on stomach and instantly helps to relive stomach contraction. Now as soon as contractions will be improved, the digestion of food will be quicker. It has certain compounds like gingerols which soothes nauseas, diarrhea. Ginger-honey tea is also an effective home remedy for vomiting due to indigestion.

3) Take some mint to reduce stomach ache

In India we have the tradition of serving mint in beverages and food. Mint has methanol in it which is a stomach soother. In addition to curing stomach cramps, mint also has a cool and sweet taste which will cure your vomiting as well. The easiest way to cure stomach ache in no time is to consume mint tea. Mint tea is prepared by boiling mint leaves with cardamom and adding a bit of honey.

Home Remedies for Stomach Pain – home remedies for stomach pain and gas

4) Carom Seeds (Ajwain) 

Next we have carom seeds also called as ‘ajwain’ which is also much popular home remedy to cure stomach issues. It aids in acid reflux, acidity and stomach cramps. Just consume ajwain with pinch of rock salt with lukewarm water and yourself see the results. You can consume this twice a day also for faster relief. 

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 5) Rehydrate yourself with Coconut Water

Coconut water is almost everyone’s favorite all around the season. It is truly a magical liquid to consume when it comes to cooling down stomach burns and pain. Yes, coconut water contains magnesium, potassium, sugar and other vitamins which ease stomach pain. Even if you are suffering from diarrhea coconut water is easy to digest and also replenishes the water content of the body.

Home Remedies for Stomach Pain – home remedies for acidity and gas problem

6) Sweet Low Fat Yoghurt

Finally we have our last remedy on the list, low fat yogurt. Yoghurt as we know is the richest source of probiotics. Try consuming low fat, little bit sweetened yogurt on upset stomach days. It helps to restore the good bacteria for digestion. It also suppresses the discomfort because of belly-bloat. If you consume heavy fat yoghurt it will be hard for your body to digest it.

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