How Ayurvedic Medicines Work?

How Ayurvedic Medicines Work

Ayurveda, the science of life focusses on all parts of health – body, mind and soul. According to Ayurveda, every individual has a unique body type and demands for different food and lifestyle routine as per them. The lifestyle is considered to be most important as a healthy lifestyle can prevent various diseases while a disturbed lifestyle routine and bad food habits may lead to body imbalance.

Ayurveda says that every individual store energy called as ‘Doshas’ which are responsible for different physiological functions in the body.There are three kinds of ‘Doshas’:

   1. Vata Dosha
Vata Dosha


  • Vata Dosha governs the energy required for body movement such as the heart pulse, flow of the breath, muscle contractions, cellular mobility and movement of tissues.
  • This Dosha enhances creativity and vitality when in balanced state but when this Dosha is out of balance it can results in conditions like anxiety, heart diseases, asthma, arthritis, etc.
  1. Pitta Dosha:


Pitta Dosha


  • Pitta Dosha embodies the energy that governs the digestion and metabolic system of the body including, nutrition, digestion, absorption and body temperature.


  • The balanced Pitta Dosha brings out intelligence and contentment while the imbalanced dosha may cause anger, high blood pressure and heart diseases.


  1. Kapha Dosha:


Kapha Dosha


  • Kapha Dosha governs the energy required for body growth and structure. This dosha is also responsible for the energies of love and compassion.


  • The balanced Kapha dosha leads to compassion and forgiveness while the imbalanced dosha may cause envy and insecurity, breathing disorders, nausea, diabetes, etc.

How does Ayurvedic medicines work on three doshas?
The Ayurvedic approach focusses towards creating a balanced health in every individual. To maintain longevity, it is of prime importance to know the persons’ ‘Dosha’ or constitution. The routine comprises of daily or periodic regimens in according to person’s physiological specifications.


  • Ayurvedic medicines work towards eradication of the illness from the body rather than suppressing it.
  • A complete food and treatment plan is prepared by the Ayurveda Consultant based on individual’s Prakruti, body type and health condition.


  • Ayurveda treatments for detoxification are very helpful and goes a long way in correcting Doshas.


  • Certain external measures such as oil treatments and herbal steam therapies are also used in the treatment. The treatments and massages differ from person to person.


  • Ayurvedic medicines administered internally help in treating the root cause of the disease. Natural herbs and medicines are used for the treatment.


  • Surgical treatments are also approached in few cases such as removal of harmful tissues or organs.


  • Having minimum or no side-effects, Ayurvedic medicines slowly correct the body Doshas thereby regaining body balance resulting in a healthy body again.


  • Yoga and meditation often form a part of Ayurvedic treatments and help in faster and long-lasting results. 

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