How can you become more Optimistic?

how to be optimistic

Do you tend to see the positive in things and situations? Or do you immediately assume the worst and focus on the negative? Well, when it comes to how we see the world, most of us fall into either one of the two categories: optimist or pessimist. Before we discuss how to be optimistic, it is first important for us to understand what is optimism. Optimism is hopefulness and confidence about the future or success of some specific endeavor or outcome in general.

how to be optimistic

How to be optimistic?

Although optimism does not come naturally to everyone but little efforts, consciously and subconsciously, we all can learn to stay optimistic even in the most difficult situations. Actually it is more important to stay optimistic in a tough situation as that is what keeps us going. These tips may come in handy while you are trying to find out as to how to be optimistic? 

Focus on Positivity

how to be optimistic

Shifting your perspective is as easy as thinking happy thoughts. Anyone, even a pessimistic person, can challenge themselves to always consider looking at things differently. This not only shifts your viewpoint in the short-term but also helps your brain in thinking more positively and reframing scenarios in a positive direction.

It is important to acknowledge that it isn’t the events that make us unhappy, but it is our interpretation and reaction to them. And while you’re thinking hard on how things don’t always work like this it is important that you realize that you shouldn’t do that anymore. Try your best to focus on what you learned and gained from your experiences rather than what you lost.

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Want to learn how to be optimistic?

Surround yourself with Positivity

how to be optimistic

Keep tabs on the kind of people you surround yourself with. People who themselves think of the worst in every situation can never be the best company for you. To become optimistic, you need to be around people who are more positive and appreciate the situations in life. One must also keep a positive influence in their taste of music, literature, and movies to have a positive effect on the state of his/her mind.

Create Positive Mantras

how to be optimistic

Rather than thinking that we’re ‘not good enough’, ‘not attractive enough’, or ‘not clever enough’, one must change these messages into something positive. Replace these negative thoughts with positive ones and write them down as your positive mantras. Repeat these positive mantras every day and love yourself more every day.

Focus on Success

how to be optimistic

Most of us are happy acknowledging other people’s successes and accomplishments while keeping our own hidden. To become optimistic you need to be able to regularly remind yourself of what you have and can achieve. Don’t listen to your inner critic and start appreciating each one of your successes.

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How to be optimistic?

Keep a Gratitude Diary

how to be optimistic

Writing down your thoughts, even for a few minutes every day helps one in appreciating what is valuable and meaningful to oneself. It brings out the gratitude in one’s own self and brings more to appreciate and think about positively. Random acts of kindness in your day can make you more appreciating than ever. It changes the way you think. It helps in focusing on the positives of your day as also to cultivate an optimistic mindset. 

Focus on solutions rather than problems

how to be optimistic

Having self-doubts, feeling negative, or obsessing over a problem can all be bad for your health and wellness. Now, replacing these thoughts with a solution is what can help in giving a sense of moving forward. It helps one in keeping a vision of possibility and hope which makes one an optimist.

Don’t dwell on the past

how to be optimistic

What’s done is done and how you deal with the aftermath is all that matters. There is no point in playing the blame game because that is something that never helps. Learn from your past mistakes and learn to forgive because unless you forgive that negative thought about the other person shall remain with you. Remember that you yourself have the power to change the situation and move on. 

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