7 Ways to get rid of split ends at home

how to get rid of split ends

Do you ever wonder how to get rid of split ends? We all do so much to keep our hair maintained so that they look bouncy, long, silky, and pretty but split ends can make them worse. Split ends happen slowly and then all at once. They make it harder for us by not being detectable at first but gradually end up making our hair look bad.

how to get rid of split ends

Why do split ends occur?

Well, we all tend to make mistakes and the neglected trips to our hairdresser are what gets to us. Bad hair habits, heat styles, chemical treatments, wrong hair products, climate & weather, and bad nutrition are all causes for split ends to grow.

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How to get rid of split ends

For some people, Split ends are a chronic problem while for others it’s because they don’t care much for their hair and simply ignore them. In either case, here is how to get rid of split ends. 

Tips below will help you get rid of split ends:

Trim your hair

how to get rid of split ends

Trimming is necessary to get rid of split ends. This is because it is the only real cure for getting rid of split ends. Other measures are only a way of preventing split ends while getting regular trims actually helps in growing hair faster and stronger.

Eat healthy for hair

how to get rid of split ends

Eating healthy makes a lot of difference in keeping the hair healthy and split-end-free. It is important for you to include foods that provide all essential vitamins and minerals to the body on an every-day basis. Adding food with proteins, iron, vitamin C, and omega 3 fatty acids to your diet is the best way to prevent split ends from growing.

Use the right products

how to get rid of split ends

Using products that strip off necessary oils from the hair don’t help at all and must be thrown away. Instead, you must wash your hair less frequently, using the right shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. 

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Natural ways for how to get rid of split ends

Condition your hair first

how to get rid of split ends

You can opt for the conditioner-shampoo-conditioner method to help reinforce and protect the hair so that it locks in more moisture, shine, and softness.

Try at-home treatments

how to get rid of split ends

Using coconut oil, aloe vera, eggs, honey, or yogurt once in a while gives the hair an extra dose of TLC. It helps in repairing damaged hair and prevents split ends from growing in the first place. 

Avoid colouring your hair

how to get rid of split ends

Dyeing or Bleaching the hair involves chemicals that are not exactly hair friendly. As much as you think it makes the hair look good, you must take a step back and stick to natural ways of making the hair look fresh and fun.

Use heat protectant

how to get rid of split ends

Making an appearance without your hair done might make you feel out of the place and just so that you don’t need to face it, you must start using a heat protectant before blow-drying, straightening, or curling your hair. This helps in preventing heat damage entirely. And while you’re at it, make sure that the temperature on the hot tools is not too high as that can cause extreme damage to hair.

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