How to Handle Bed wetting in Children

how to handle bed wetting in children

Bed wetting is normal in children till the age of 3. If it persists longer than that, then it can be a cause of concern for parents as well as the kids. Children don’t wet their beds intentionally or knowingly, it just happens. There can be various reasons behind it. Sometimes the children are in so much deep sleep that they don’t even realize that they have to go get up to pee. Some children may have small bladders and some more reasons like children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder may also wet the bed. You have to handle the problem very carefully as most of the times the children themselves are too sensitive for this.

 Here are some tips on how to handle bed wetting in children:

  • Control Fluid intakes: how to handle bed wetting in children During a kid’s childhood you should make sure to control their fluid intake at late hours of the day and instead give them the chance to drink during the day. Also, try not to allow them to drink too much water after dinner and instead give them a little water to drink before it. This will help them pass the urine more frequently until the time they are awake.

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  • Try avoiding bladder irritants: how to handle bed wetting in children Children are not supposed to drink fluids that can cause irritation in their bladder. This becomes another reason for them to wet the bed at night. You should cut down on your kid’s intake of caffeine, citrus fruits, and other sweeteners later in the day. These can cause irritation in their bladder which results in bed wetting.
  • Be patient: how to handle bed wetting in children When you kid wets the bed you should try not to give them punishments or be rude to them about it. By getting mad at them, you will not help them in handling something they are themselves feeling bad about. You can rather help them out by explaining to them that it can get better if they try doing it in the bathroom instead.

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  • Schedule their washroom breaks: how to handle bed wetting in children Try to make sure that your kid uses the washroom every 2-3 hours. Also, make them use the washroom before they get into the bed. This will help them emptying their bladder and cause lesser troubles. You should not try to disturb them in their sleep because that can disrupt the child’s sleep and will not help with bed wetting.
  • Talk to your child: Talk to your child. Find out if he/she is facing any stress or anxiety which can also result in bed wetting. This can be anything – something bothering them from school or friends or even something they feel concerned about in the family. Explain to them that you are there to help them and that this is a temporary phase which will pass.

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You can also take some precautions to control bed wetting like using a plastic cover below the bed sheet so as to avoid wetting the mattress. In some cases, the doctor may also prescribe some medicine to help control the urine at night.

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