How to Handle Depression during Menopause

how to handle depression during menopause

Well, this is something all women out there in the world need to know. Menopause is the end stage of the menstruation cycle. It is when your periods end permanently. This stage is when you may suffer undergo many emotional and physical issues. You might feel enraged at one point and depressed on the other.

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After several studies done by researchers and professional doctors, they conclude that women in the menopause time period often suffer from anxiety, pains, mood swings (a lot of them) and majorly depression. This happens because women go through a state of consistent premenstrual syndrome [PMS]. This means that during this stage of menstruation women usually suffer from a decline in estrogen levels in their body.So, here are some tips to help you going through this difficult phase of your life.

how to handle depression during menopause

how to handle depression during menopause

  • Find ways to relax by spending quality time with your partner, your friends and your close family.
  • To handle the frequent change of emotions, try eating healthy and exercising daily. It will help in reducing your physical pain by making you tolerant towards it. Exercises like yoga and meditation help a lot in managing your anger issues.

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  • You must avoid alcohol and smoking.
  • Reduced levels of estrogen during menopause can sometimes result in feelings of hopelessness and sadness. You can take professional help and go for the Estrogen therapy. This therapy will boost the serotonin levels which in turn helps combat depression. It will also help you with a good and healthy sleep.
  • Do not take any important decisions in a haste. Discuss with your friends or family before going ahead with your life-changing thoughts.
  • Take professional help if you find it difficult to handle it by yourself. It is very essential that you handle this type of depression in a rightful manner.

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how to handle depression during menopause

How to handle depression during menopause is the question asked here. So, you must know what implications it would have if you don’t treat this type of depression in the right manner. It can cause physical pains like headache and can also cause weakness along with sadness if left alone. As a matter of fact, it also affects the daily functioning of the body by reducing the quality of a healthy and happy life. You might also be careful as you might even suffer blood clots and strokes. There are also other things that come along with menopause like irritability, lack of motivation, anxiety, aggressiveness, lack of concentration, tension, etc… This is why you need to take proper care of yourself and should be with someone who supports you throughout your breakdowns during menopause.

You must also know that depression is not a sign of weakness, it is only that you need to take care of it properly rather than taking a rough approach (which is to believe that you are weak).

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