How to Improve Digestion in Old Age – Ways to improve your digestion in Old Age

how to improve digestion in old age

How to Improve Digestion in Old Age – As one ages, they suffer from new digestive problems like constipation, GERD, diarrhea, bloating, etc and in order to keep yourself away from such problems, there are a few things that you need to do.

how to improve digestion in old age

How to Improve Digestion in Old Age?

The fact is that as we age, our bodies start to change and this also includes changes in our ability to digest what we eat. Some age-relating factors including medications, lifestyle, and dental problems are what cause a shift in our digestion by resulting in possibilities of ulcers, constipation, indigestion, etc.

So, here are some tips on how to improve digestion in old age

  • Drink Waterdrink water

Drinking water and other fluids such as juices with pulp help in easing out constipation which is common in old age. Then again, liquids and fiber make a good combo for healthy digestion because it bulks up and softens stools that pass through our digestive tract. So, stay hydrated and drink plenty of water but also remember that not all fluids/liquids are good for the health so try avoiding tea and coffee as they can dehydrate you.

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How to Improve Digestion in Old Age?

  • Eat to Maintain Weight: eat to maintain weight

While you might have the idea of eating different things, you must know that it’s easy for you to gain weight but overeating adversely effects on the digestive system. It can lead to symptoms like heartburn, indigestion, etc. This is why you must keep your meal reasonable in portion and must watch on the carbohydrates you intake. You need to be very strict with your diet routine.

  • Eat more of Fiberfiber

Fiber is the best remedy to help with constipation. So you must have some fresh fruits, veggies, whole-grains, nuts, and seeds. Fibers are also naturally low in fat and make you feel fuller while you eat. This is also one way that you can maintain your weight well.

  • Stay Activestay active

Staying physically and mentally active has numerous benefits for the body but it is most important for the digestive system and especially Aerobic exercises. Staying active helps in circulation which improves digestion. It also helps to maintain your weight. Walking, cycling/biking, dancing, swimming, etc are all Aerobic exercises and help in preventing heart diseases, high blood pressure, etc.

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How to Improve Digestion in Old Age?

  • Stress Controlstress control

As one ages, it is true that our responsibilities and stress levels also rise. This excess stress can increase the level of gastric acids in the body and can also cause heartburn symptoms and problems like indigestion. Although stress does not directly affect the digestive system, it somehow indirectly shows its effect and the best way to get rid of stress is to indulge in regular exercises that produce endorphins – the feel-good hormones. You could also try meditating and practicing Yoga. Proper rest is also one way to reduce stress.

  • Enjoy eating Probioticsprobiotics

Probiotics that can be found in almost everything from yogurt to granola bars are the first thing that helps in promoting healthy digestion. Probiotics are organisms just like good bacteria that live in the gut and that occur naturally. It is also believed by scientists that probiotics aid healthy digestion by producing virus-fighting substances and infections. Probiotics also produce Vitam B that is needed by our body to metabolize food that we eat.

  • Dental Healthdental health

Healthy digestion begins with the mouth which is why taking care of your teeth is very important. As one ages, it is the teeth that we rely on to chew our food. With the help of chewing, the food breaks down to smaller sizes and makes it easy for us to digest the food. Similarly, when we age, our teeth become poor and that is when we suffer from indigestion, etc. So, never miss to brush and floss daily along with getting regular dental check-ups.

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How to Improve Digestion in Old Age?

  • Chewingchewing

Digestion, as we all know, begins in the mouth. With amylase, an enzyme present in our saliva, the process of digestion begins in our mouth itself. This enzyme helps in breaking down the food in our mouth. If you swallow your food without chewing it properly, the food increases the pressure on our digestive system and results in bloating and gas.

  • Consult a Doctorconsult a doctor

A common fact is that calcium channel blockers that are often prescribed for heart conditions & pain medication, specifically narcotic pain relievers have a huge possibility to cause constipation and this is why you must only speak to your doctor about any medications. Having medications without consultation with the doctor can cause huge amounts of irregular behavior in our body.

These are some tips on how to improve digestion in old age that can be really helpful.

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