How to Increase Muscle Power

how to increase muscle power

Your body is what you make it. Muscles can help you do the daily activities of your life like walking, talking, dancing, etc… For your muscles to help in supporting you all your life you should think how to increase muscle power. When it is time for your workout you push yourself to raise the bar that you have set before and to see changes you will need to know how to increase muscle power

Increasing the power of muscles require weight lifting with heavy weights, high sets with low repetitions. This is pretty clear that if you want to increase your muscle power you need to raise the number of sets and decrease your repetitions, although you might not be using heavy weights now but gradually you will have to raise it. This concludes that you can try doing 5-6 sets of 3 repetitions in each or 7-8 sets of 2 repetitions each.

how to increase muscle power

Increasing your muscle power will also help you in being a good athlete by helping you jump higher, sprint faster and hit harder. When you train for muscle power, you develop a fast-twitch muscle fiber which helps your nervous system to generate all of your body’s movements.

Don’t confuse yourself between the two terms, Strength and Power. Strength is your ability to move a certain weight whereas Power is your ability to move that weight quickly. Example: To do a dead lift you need strength and to snatch something you need power.

Most important tips on how to increase muscle power are: Sleep, Diet and Exercises… Proper amount of sleep helps in relaxing your muscles, with a balanced diet you eat to repair your muscle fibers and help them gain strength and with regular exercise you keep them occupied and make them grow stronger.

Power requires a controlled amount of volume, proper rest between your sets and a fresh feeling for each single pull.

how to increase muscle power

You must also know this for a fact that muscles are not just important for fitness freaks but is crucial for a good health and especially when we’re aging. It reduces injuries, reduces any joint pains, strengthens our bones, improves cholesterol level, controls the blood sugar levels, maintains your weight and also fight depression.

You must always remember the muscle motto, “Use it or Lose it”. Not using your muscles can cause loss of your muscle proteins which results in lowering your muscle strengths.

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