How to keep in check your carb cravings?

keep in check your carb cravings

Carbs or carbohydrates play an essential role in optimizing your blood pressure levels. However, when you set out to satisfy your carbs cravings, you might end up having more of them. It is therefore essential to keep in check your carb cravings by following a restrictive diet plan.

keep in check your carb cravings

What makes us crave for sugar intake?

According to a few pieces of research, sugar stands out to be the first taste preferred by humans since they breathe for the first time. When you have sugar, it facilitates the release of serotonin which makes your brain feel at its best. Besides, there is an endorphin release which facilitates towards calming and relaxing you.

So where does the problem lie?

So where does the problem lie

If you are consuming sugars in the right amount, there is entirely no need to worry about the consequences. However, in case you have it every now and then, you risk yourself at various health disorders.

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Keep in check your carb cravings with these easy steps:

Maintain strict adherence to controlled sugar diet:

When you make it a habit to cling on to a controlled sugar diet, you are in turn decreasing your sugar intake. This decreased intake further limits your blood sugar from spiking.

Never restrict your body from eating:

Never restrict your body from eating

Eat little but never shun your body with food restriction. When you go on too long without having anything in between your meal and your snacks, you will end up having more cravings. It is therefore recommended to have a bit of food every two hours to keep your metabolism in an optimized state.

Make it a habit to drink plenty of water:

Make it a habit to drink plenty of water

Drinking minimum of 8 glasses of water is the best supplement to rule out your hunger and cravings. Two cups of water come from your beverage intake (either tea or coffee).

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Distract your hunger feeling:

Distract your hunger feeling

When you feel hungry, it is essential for you to redirect your focus on something else. Boredom is directly proportional to more cravings. You can either go for a walk with a friend or read a book for that matter.



Observe your overall stress levels. If you find yourself encircled by too stressful situations, you should include a regular workout session in your regime. It is also recommended to spare some time for meditation to switch off your stress mode.

These are some of the highly preferred ways to keep in check your carb cravings.

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