How to Take Years off your Skin? How to look Younger Naturally?

how to look younger

Knowing how to look younger can be a great help for people who are struggling to prevent their skin from aging. Aging, just like time, does not stop, but you can certainly push it down for a while. You must treat your skin the best way possible to prevent it from growing old and saggy.

Here are tips that can help you know how to look younger

  • Shrink Pores: how to look younger

Usually, gunk/dirt accumulates in our pores and as we get older, they are most likely to expand. This can be resolved with the help of a Salicylic acid face wash. The benefit of using a face wash with salicylic acid content is that it helps in dissolving oil present in pores. It also benefits us by getting rid of dead skin which is again harmful to our skin as it promotes skin clogging. You must also try using Pore strips once a week.

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  • Use Sunscreen: how to look younger

You probably know why you should be applying Sunscreen, but, you must also know that Sunscreens protect your skin in the longer-term. It keeps your skin protected from the sun’s UV rays which can make your skin look old and miserable. Antioxidants are the best weapon against any problems of pollution and sun so stay protected with antioxidants.

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  • Beauty Sleep: how to look younger

You need to set priorities – Is your face more important than your phone? Well, you need the right 8 hours of sleep to get rid of your dark circles and to prevent dark circles which can make you look old and despicable. Rather than hitting the snooze button in the morning, you need to sleep on time because that is the only thing which will give you proper rest which in turn makes you feel alive and fresh.

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  • Keep your hands off your eyes: how to look younger

The skin around the eyes is thin and should not be rubbed, poked or fiddled with. Each time you do so, there is a chance of your delicate blood vessels to break and that is what leads to darkening, thickening, and dulling of surrounding skin. Before you choose an eye cream, you must look for ingredients like zinc or peptides in it.

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  • Leave Drinking and Smoking habits: how to look younger

Before looking at what you can do for your skin externally, you must first take care of your internal system. Smoking promotes wrinkles and destroys collagen and elastin while alcohol increases inflammation in the bloodstream which promotes sagging.

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  • Hands and Neck: how to look younger

You must treat your hands and neck equally important to your face. So, start using sunscreen on your hands and neck along with your face.

Still wondering how to look younger? Here are some more common things you can try to overcome dull and old skin…

  1. Smile often
  2. Touch up your hair
  3. Keep your eyebrows in shape
  4. Cleanse and moisturize your entire body
  5. Exfoliate your skin
  6. Exercise at least 4 days in a week
  7. Seek out for skincare ingredients in products
  8. Avoid stress and conflicts
  9. Keep healthy relationships
  10. Find home remedies for skin rejuvenation
  11. Volunteer for positivity

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Talking about How to look younger, here are some common mistakes you need to correct…

  1. Stop squinting and start wearing sunglasses instead. If you wear spectacles or contact lenses, make sure to keep your prescription updated.
  2. Avoid sipping through the straws. It promotes lining around the mouth.
  3. Don’t rest your chin on your hand. This stretches your skin.
  4. Use Satin Pillow covers. The creases present in the cotton fabric can make sure to leave marks on your face.

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