Overcome Laziness with Simple Techniques

how to overcome laziness

How to Overcome Laziness – You should know that It’s not just you. With the ongoing crisis and extension in lockdown, all people are finding it lazy and boring at home. This laziness is an outcome of anxiety built because of stress. One thing to know about Laziness is that it makes you inactive and unhealthy which is why you must know how to get rid of laziness.

how to overcome laziness

How to Overcome Laziness – How to Avoid Laziness 

As crazy as it may sound, you can use certain tricks to fool your body out of your laziness. Here is how to overcome laziness:

Change your ‘should’ to ‘need’

It only takes a word to change your mind. If you tell yourself ‘I should do exercise’ it will not be as strict as ‘I need to exercise now’. This applies for anything that you do in the entire day, from brushing, eating healthy, exercising, doing household chores, working from home, etc. You lose the battle the moment you decide to use the word ‘should’.

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Build a habit to be quick

how to overcome laziness

What better than swiftness can combat laziness. Thinking of being quick helps in introducing behavioural change and stimulates the body to act quickly, which makes you more active. ‘Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going’, thus, you must understand the importance of Behavioural change in helping you overcome laziness.

Trying hard and looking for Motivation

how to overcome laziness

Simply trying to work hard will never work unless your actions mean so. Do not think of trying hard, and instead think of achieving the goals. Actions create Motivation, so you must act first to find the motivation you have been looking for. Only when you put on your shoes and fitness clothes, you realise that its worth working out/exercising.

Set Deadlines

how to overcome laziness

Setting deadlines for work help in achieving goals and thus overcomes laziness. Although deadlines can be stressful at times, but is is important because it gives us motivation to get work done.

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Create Productivity and Kindness

how to overcome laziness

How to Overcome Laziness

In general, having too many tasks to manage can make us feel lazy. This is the time when you need to prioritise on what is more important. Similarly, stress is better when its controlled and that can only be possible with the help of kindness. Respect each one around you and yourself.

This still did not answer how to overcome laziness during lockdown.

  • 5 squats, each time you go to use the washroom.
  • At least 10 jumping jacks when you enter your kitchen to pull out something to eat.
  • 10 crunches before lying on the bed.
  • Couch calls for a posture fix. So remind yourself to sit straight up when you sit on your couch with a slouched back.
  • Stretch your arms and legs each time you get up from your chair. This helps as a warm up.
  • The most important thing is walking and because most of us can’t practise that much, we can try using the steps in our house to make our feet work regularly. 
  • Before eating your meals, ask yourself – “Am I hungry”. If you aren’t then just munch on salads otherwise eat with portion controlling in mind.

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