How to beat the heat and protect yourself this summer

How to protect yourself during summers

With the temperatures soaring during Indian summers, it is very important to protect yourself from the extreme heat. Here are some tips for you on

how to protect yourself during summers.How to protect yourself during summersHow to protect yourself during summers

Stay HydratedStay Hydrated

The first and the most important thing to do during summers is to stay hydrated. Be sure, you drink a lot of water. As you lose water to dehydration, your body temperature rises, so replacing fluids is essential to keeping your body cool. Always carry a water bottle with you. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day.

Wear light clothesWear light clothesThe extreme hot summer can cause sweat, dehydration and also result in your getting skin rashes. You can avoid all these problems by wearing light clothes. One must wear clothes that are soft and comfortable. Cotton clothes are best for summers, they soak up the sweat from body and enables it to vaporize right into the air. Wear Colors like white, off-white, cream, and other light shades as they are soothing to the eyes and the body.

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Put up Sun blockersPut up Sun blockersSun shades, curtains, heat reflective and insulator paints, blinds and Sun control Windows can help in reducing the heat that passes into the home.
Do Yoga

Do YogaThere are many yoga asans like Sheetali that can reduce the body temperature and give positive effect in the endocrine glands and nervous system. Yoga will also help to keep you calm.
Take Shower dailyTake Shower dailyTake shower daily. It will keep your body temperature down. If needed, you can shower twice a day. Use menthol rich talcum powder.

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Eat more fruitsEat more fruitsEven though one tends to eat less during summers, but you must eat enough fruits. It will maintain water level in your body and can also save you from dehydration.

How to protect yourself during summers

Prepare natural drinks for yourself

Prepare some natural drinks for yourself. You can make juice out of any fruit like strawberries, oranges, watermelon etc. as they will keep you cool.  Make lemon water with some salt. You can also add sugar if you so desire. Drinking cane juice during summers is also very helpful. You can also drink sharbats like Roof Afza, Khaz, etc. but do keep a check on your sugar intake.

Avoid Eating OutsideAvoid Eating OutsideAlways prefer home based food. If in case you are eating outside, make sure the food or juices are clean and hygienic. Eat only from a good eatery and avoid eating from road-side vendors. Always wash your hands before eating anything.

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Avoid tea, coffee and caffeinated drinksAvoid tea, coffee and caffeinated drinksAvoid drinking tea, coffee in summers because these drinks dehydrate your body. One should drink coconut water, fruit juices with fiber, vegetable juices, lemon water, mint infused water, Green tea, chamomile tea etc.

Control your portion
Do not overeat in summers. Control your portion and try to eat good quality food. Take small meals.
Eating salads is best during summers as they’re easier to digest and are nutritious.

Food you must take during summers-Food you must take during summers

  • Cucumber
  • Mint
  • Coconut water
  • Onions
  • Mojito
  • Orange
  • Muskmelons
  • Curd
  • Watermelon

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