How to Quick Fix your Oily Hair when you’re in a Hurry

how to quick fix oily hair

How to quick fix oily hair – Well, you might be wondering, why do these things only bother you? That’s not the case acutally. Everyone has those bad hair days. But don’t worry because you can quick fix your oily hair in no time in cases of emergencies.

how to quick fix oily hair

Here is how to quick fix oily hair

  • Use a Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoo basically soaks up all the oil from the hair and also removes product buildup more quickly than you might even take to order a tea. All you need to do is apply the dry shampoo on your greasy/oily hair roots and hair strands, leave it on for a minute or two and then brush it out. This also helps in lightening your hair roots and in order to make full use of the dry shampoo, you can also massage it on your scalp or spray it on your roots. Dry Shampoo can also fit in your handbag easily so even if you don’t use it so often, you must still keep it in your handbag because let’s face the fact that none of us are immune to an oily hair attack.

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How to quick fix oily hair

  • Use Baby/Talcum Powder: You can either use a dry shampoo or a baby/talcum powder to reduce oiliness in the hair. Take some baby powder and rub some into the roots of your hair and then thoroughly brush away the excess amount of powder in your hair. This tip is again easy and gives you a presentable look until you get home and wash it. Also, one thing to take care of in this process is that if you have dark colored hair then you must use less of the powder in order to prevent its visibility.
  • Use a Hair Accessory: You can either opt to fix your hair with the use of dry shampoo or powder, ‘OR’, you could use hair accessories to cover your oily hair. A thick, scarf-like headband or a hair clutch could work better in hiding the oil in your hair. Headbands could also make you look cute and girly and also give a cool vibe to your personality rather than being traumatic with oily hair. If not a headband, try using hairpins and make your hair look lovely with different styles of looks with the help of hairpins.

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How to quick fix oily hair

  • Tie your Hair in Style: Wearing a rubber band to tie your hair might sometimes be very irritating but it can be a great way to hide the oiliness in your hair when you don’t have too many options. You could either try an untidy pony or an untidy hair bun to make yourself look sassy rather than crazy. And one more thing that can help with getting rid of the oily hair look is braiding your hair in different styles. Hair styling can leave a good impact on your personality and can also save you at the same time.
  • Add Texture: Sprinkling a tiny amount of texturing powder to the hair can help in holding and texturing your roots and that only makes your hair look oil-free. After using the texturing powder, just make sure you ruffle up your hair and add more only if needed.

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How to quick fix oily hair

  • Paper Towels: This is merely an alternative for not using a dry shampoo. Rub in your oily hair with paper towels. This will help in blotting some of the greasiness from your hair. This only works in cases of emergencies and is not one of the most effective remedies. But if you have no other option, just grab a paper towel.
  • Perfume/ Hand Sanitizer/ Astringents: If nothing is working out for you, you can opt to use a few sprays of your perfume in your hair and if that does not feel so right to you, you could also take help from your hand sanitizer and apply a tiny amount of it on the roots of your hair. The alcohol content in the hand sanitizer helps in breaking down oil in your hair and it is the same with astringent products like Toner, etc…

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