Healthy Food Tips: How to Reduce Salt in Food

how to reduce salt in food

Those of us who cook often do not understand how to reduce salt in food, because excess amount of salt can be very harmful to the body. Salt is an essential part of food, but it must be taken in limited quantities. By making some small changes you can reduce a lot of salt intake.

Here are some of the easy to manage changes which are perfect answer to your question on how to reduce salt in food?

1. The best way to use less salt is to use eat foods that are sautéed, boiled or roasted. This way the essential salts that the food already contains is released in the dish and you do not need to add extra sodium at all. It builds flavour and adds texture to your dish.

essential salts


2. Know your seasonal produce or your local farmer. The best way to add natural flavour in your dish is to use seasonal vegetables, fruits and nuts in your food reducing the level of extra sodium added in your dish. You can research on what vegetables are produced in which season, pick out the most fresh ones and use them in your daily cooking in raw form.


3. Use ingredients like soya sauce, wine, vinegar, spices, dried herbs, basil, oregano etc. to add that salty or acidic flavour to your dish. You do not need to use excessive sodium at all. Go healthy and add natural flavours instead of extra sodium.

natural flavours

4. Do not use bread. Even though brown bread is healthier than white bread, it still contains extra salt, though not for taste, but to make sure that the dough rises properly. Instead of eating toast with eggs in the morning for breakfast, use actual whole grains from the market, toast them and add fresh or dried fruits.

dried fruits

5. Use the right kind of oil. Many oils have a lot of extra sodium in them. Check the packet before you buy oil for the quantity of sodium. Use other healthy oils like olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil etc. in your cooking.

healthy oils

Salt can cause many diseases in the body for example high blood pressure, especially salt in its raw form. So be careful, and know how to reduce salt in food, and have a healthy day!

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