How yoga can help keep your brain healthy

how yoga can keep your brain healthy

Do you know, practicing yoga only for 12 minutes daily can help keep your inflammatory response in control? Yoga improves the immune system which reduces the risk of cough and cold, body ache, and fever. Yoga also helps in reducing the risk of diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, and PCOS in women.

Here are some steps how yoga can help keep your brain healthy

Fight brain aging

how yoga can keep your brain healthy

  • Many women complain about the wrinkles and dark spots at a very early age. But, do you know that our brain also ages with time? Yoga can help in fighting problems related to aging.
  • Yoga relaxes the mind and generates positive thoughts. Yoga can protect the brain from shrinking and make your skin look healthier.

 Reduce the stress level

  • Practicing yoga can improve mood and reduce stress. When we are stressed, the body loses its ability to maintain inflammatory responses which can lead to a lot of health problems.
  • Yoga helps in reducing stress levels keeping you in a happy state of mind.

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 Fight Depression

how yoga can keep your brain healthy

  • Yoga twice a week can reduce fatigue, anxiety and improve your mood as well.
  • People who do yoga are more alert, energetic and active than the people who did just breathing and visualization exercises.
  • Yoga also improves the formation of brain cells which have antidepressant effects.

 How yoga can help keep your brain healthy

 Yoga Helps in Keeping your Calm

how yoga can keep your brain healthy

  • Pranayama like Bhramari can help to calm the mind. It can relieve anxiety, frustration, agitation, and anger.
  • It improves your concentration, memory and can also assist in building confidence. Yoga relieves frustration, anxiety, and peace of mind.

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 Boosts Brain Power

  • Many yoga poses and asanas improve the total functioning of the brain and enhance the focus and power to retain information.
  • So, in order to boost your brain energy switch your energy drinks with the yoga mat.

 Yoga Can Keep You Happy

how yoga can keep your brain healthy

  • Yoga can make you happy, centered and boost the mood.
  • While your anxiety and stress are relieved with Yoga, you tend to feel lighter mentally and go in a happy state.
  • Yoga also helps to improve your focus.

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Relief Anxiety

  • Yoga increase the heart rate variability which reduces high blood pressure and also reduces stress.
  • The best yoga poses for women to fight anxiety are log pose, cat pose, lotus pose, upward salute, cow pose, and salutation seal.


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