How yoga can reduce stress


How yoga can reduce stress, anxiety, and hypertension

In today’s world, life is full of stress, anxiety, and tension. Waking up early, going to office or school, doing work late at night, restless nights, there’s a lot to balance!

This busy schedule can sometimes add emotional stress. In order to reduce stress, one must talk to a friend or family member, take time out for leisure, and if required, meet a counselor. But apart from these, a person must do yoga to calm and balance lifestyle.

 So, how yoga can reduce stress? Yoga can reduce stress as it relaxes the body, mind, and soul. People should do a bit of yoga every day as this will help you to stay calm, focused, balanced, and relaxed.

How yoga can reduce stress:

child pose

Helps in relaxing body

  • Doing Yoga in the right way can reduce tension and relax the body. Many yoga postures have a calming effect on our body and mind.
  • Balasana (Child’s Pose) and Shavasana can help in soothing, relaxing the adrenal glands and create internal and external calmness.

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 Helps in relaxing mind

  • When we are stressed out or anxious, our mind becomes busy. We tend to think about various things in one go. Yoga can help us in focusing on one point at a time.
  • Yoga helps in meditation. Meditation is a very powerful tool for relaxing and slowing down the mind. As you start performing yoga, you will start to move towards a more relaxed internal state.

 Reduce stress and handle breathing problems

ujjayi pose

  • Stress and tension can cause breathing problems and anxiety. Yoga gives you the opportunity to breathe more effectively by utilizing the whole lung capacity.
  • There are certain asanas like Brahmari (humming bee breath), Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril) and Ujjayi (victorious) that can reduce stress and control breathing problems.

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 Helps in developing a connection between the Mind and Body

reduce stress

  • When the mind and body are connected, there’s a great sense of harmony and peace in our life.
  • Yoga teaches us to be sensitive and calm in each movement and to listen to our bodies. The practice teaches us to live in a more mindful, conscious and connected way.

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 Release Emotional Energy

  • Emotions like fear, anger and guilt cause stress, if they are not expressed. Through practicing yoga, one can release emotional energy effectively.
  • Through yoga and meditation, we can learn how to reduce the impact of stressful situations and can become much happier, and healthier.

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