Health Tips: Hypothyroid Symptoms Cause Treatment What Not to eat

hypothyroid symptoms cause treatment

We are covering Hypothyroid Symptoms Cause Treatment as also what is Hypothyroid in this article. Read on.hypothyroid symptoms cause treatment

What is Hypothyroid?

It is considered as an underactive thyroid where your thyroid gland does not produce certain crucial hormones. It may not show noticeable symptoms in the beginning, but if it remains untreated, it can add to a number of health issues like infertility and heart disease. It is a situation when your thyroid gland fails to produce certain hormones. There can be various factors behind it, like Autoimmune disease where your immune system produces certain antibodies that end up attacking your body’s tissues, it can be triggered by the environment or genes. Another factor is radiation therapy, where radiation is used to treat cancer, which ends up damaging the thyroid gland. Medications too have a massive impact on the thyroid gland. Medications that are prescribed by the doctor should only be taken. Without proper consultation, no medication should be taken. Some women combat hypothyroidism after their pregnancy because the antibodies in their bodies are left without treatment. There exist some risk factors that need to be kept in mind, if you are a woman, are above 60 years old, if you have thyroid in your genes or family history, or if you have had radiation surgery for your neck or chest. 

Hypothyroid symptoms cause treatment

What are the symptoms of hypothyroid?

The symptoms of hypothyroid depend on certain hormones present in your body, ranging on the scale of its severity, complexity and scarcity. The issues start at a slower pace and go on for a really long time. When it comes to symptoms of hypothyroidism, people have noticed issues relating to fatigue, constipation, dry and scaly skin, weight gain, inflamed or puffy face, muscular pain, pain in your joints, hair thinning, slower heart rate, depression and anxiety, increasing blood cholesterol levels. People have also noticed increased sensitivity to cold and irregular menstrual cycles which causes body aches and anxiety to many. 

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Weight gain has become a major issue when it comes to hypothyroidism, many people, after a slight change in their weight now get a thyroid test done. 

Hypothyroidism is not limited to adults but impacts infants as well. Newborn babies may have symptoms like their skin turning yellow or jaundice, some infants had a protruding tongue, kids faced issues with heavy breathing. Some kids also faced symptoms like constipation, poor muscle tone and sleeping too much. These symptoms might be mild but if they are not treated at the right time, these symptoms can lead to a massive impact. Teenagers, who have symptoms of hypothyroidism may have poor growth, poor mental health development, delayed puberty. 

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Hypothyroid symptoms cause treatment

What is the treatment of hypothyroid?

So, when exactly should you see a doctor if you have noticed these changes in your body? A doctor can help you in controlling hypothyroidism. Doctors can prescribe a medication similar to T4 hormone called Synthetic thyroxine, and doctors keep monitoring how the patient’s body performs. It is beneficial to add iodine and nutrients to your diet which helps in balancing out the minerals and nutrients intake. A specific diet needs to be maintained if you have hypothyroidism, soya should be excluded from their diet, along with iron supplements, cauliflower, and cabbage too can impact your health.

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