Identifying dyslexia symptoms in kids

dyslexia symptoms in kids

Dyslexia is a term for difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters and other symbols… It is a difficulty that kids can have in reading and with spellings. This affects them while reading and/or pronouncing.

Many times the problem gets undetected and results in parents and/or teachers being harsh with children for their not being able to cope up. Here are some of the dyslexia symptoms in kids that can help you identify if the child may have dyslexia. You must know that it is not a bad thing or a disorder that cannot be treated. With the right help and guidance children can cope up with the issue to a large extent. It needs to be handled right manner by the elders and timely detection and treatments are important.

Here are some common dyslexia symptoms in kids:

dyslexia symptoms in kids

  • The child might talk slower in comparison to other children around his/her age/peer group.
  • Not being able to pronounce words correctly or even add new vocabulary words.
  • Sometimes not being able to recall the word.
  • Problems differentiating between rhyming words.
  • Common things like alphabets, numbers, colors, the spelling of their name, days of the week, etc.looks like a mammoth task for the child to learn.

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dyslexia symptoms in kids

  • Difficulty in making the right sounds for words.
  • Difficulty in telling stories in the correct sequences or following daily routines.
  • Confusion in identifying words like does as goes, or making consistent mistakes in writing like d for b, tip as pit, inversions like w and m or u and n…

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  • It might be hard for them to remember common facts. Also confusion with arithmetic symbols like (+ – x = /) etc…
  • Trying to memorize without understanding any topic or symbol, etc…
  • Trouble in interpreting the time.
  • Not being able to converse with classmates or staying silent or complaining to have a headache the entire time to avoid speaking.

dyslexia symptoms in kids

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  • Not liking to draw or write.
  • Child complaining not being able to read due to blurry or moving letters.
  • Difficulty in organizing and managing time.
  • Trouble in repeating a phrase or sentence.

These were dyslexia symptoms in kids that can be treated with care by doctors. Teachers, family, and friends play an important part in handling such children with love and care. The problem must be treated when detected, otherwise, the problems may continue even in the teens and/or adulthood.

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