Indoor Exercise or Outdoor Exercise – Which is the right fit for me? Check out

indoor or outdoor exercise which is better

Indoor or outdoor exercise which is better – Indoor vs Outdoor Exercise: If you are reading this article, you of course already understand the importance of keeping healthy and fit. Be it someone in their 80’s or a young adult in their 20’s, these past two years have taught us that building our immunity, keeping ourselves safe, and working to become healthier versions of ourselves is all in our own hands.indoor or outdoor exercise which is better

As the health culture becomes more and more prominent and essential in today’s world, there are a plethora of options for an individual who is starting his/her health journey.  With options ranging from a power walk to working out in a full-fledged gym, it is easy to get overwhelmed by choices. In this article, we shall cover the pros and cons of both kinds of exercises, be it indoors or outdoors, to allow you to make an informed decision for yourself and whatever suits your lifestyle.

Indoor or outdoor exercise which is better

1- Outdoor exercise

outdoor exercise

  • Advantages

– By exercising outdoors, our body is able to absorb the required amount of Vitamin D from the sun. With everyone spending more and more time indoors, Vitamin D deficiency has become extremely common in today’s world.

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 – Whatever kind of outdoor activity it may be, whether it is a walk, cycling, jogging or playing a sport, the individual gets a nice change of view that helps uplift the mood and provide solace from the monotony of our highly digitized lives.

– Obesity in children has been found to be reduced just by spending more time outside.

  • Disadvantages

– Outdoor activities can sometimes be counterintuitive due to increasing levels of pollution. Those with pre-existing respiratory diseases should be wary of the same.

– As the weather is extremely unpredictable, it can cause hindrance to your workout regimen.

– It is very easy to get dehydrated outdoors, especially in the summer. Hence it is essential to consciously keep on sipping water.

Indoor or outdoor exercise which is better

 2- Indoor Exercise

indoor exercise

  • Advantages

– As you are within an enclosed space, the natural elements shall now not cause any trouble during your workouts.

Indoor workouts can be done at any time during the day, depending on your preferences.

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Those who need extra motivation may find it in the gym considering the plethora of hard-core fitness lovers who may become a source of inspiration for you.

  • Disadvantages

– It may be very difficult for you to keep up with your schedule as it is easy for one to become lethargic in the comfort of their own homes.

– Home workouts can become monotonous. They also can cause a problem if you lack the knowledge of how to perform exercises as you can end up hurting yourself.

Indoor or outdoor exercise which is better

– Gym workouts can end up being very expensive and sometimes may also require a long travel time.

 Please make sure you are following all the necessary precautions while exercising indoors or outdoors. The pandemic is still not over and keeping yourself safe should be of utmost importance. 

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