Keto Diet Plan for Women to Lose Weight

keto diet for women

Before you’re looking for a Keto Diet Plan for Women to lose weight, you might know that following a Keto Diet plan can be really tough sometimes. So, we will suggest you an easy keto diet plan that you can follow for a month. Some people also mistakenly call the keto diet as ‘Tito diet’. The right spelling is ‘Keto Diet’ and not tito diet.

A good Keto Diet plan basically consists of 75% of fat, 20% of protein and the remaining 5% carbohydrates. You will have to focus more on high fats and low carbohydrate keto foods like, egg, meat, dairy, and low-carbohydrate vegetables, etc… For beverages, you will have to keep in mind ‘sugar-free’. So, any beverages you consider taking should all be ‘Sugar-free’.

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More about the Keto Diet Plan for Women

This Keto Diet Plan for Women is specially made keeping in mind the contents present in the female body. You must also remember that calorie count is a necessity for any diet that you follow. So, start counting your calories as also analyze your exercising routine to bring more positive results.

Some major keto foods include eggs, almond, chicken, fatty fish (salmon), meat, full-fat dairy, full-fat cheese, nuts and seeds, nut butter, healthy fat oils, avocados, non-starchy veggies, condiments (salt and pepper, vinegar and lemon juice, herbs and spices).

Here is also a list of non-keto foods you definitely need to avoid: Bread, baked food, sweets, pasta – spaghetti & noodles, grains (wheat, breakfast cereals, rice & tortillas), starchy veggies, beans & legumes, fruits, high-carb sauces, alcohol, and other sweet beverages…

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Here is a Keto Diet Plan for Women to be followed for at least a month to see pertinent changes.

keto diet for women

Keto Diet for Women

keto diet for women

After this 14-day keto diet plan finishes, start repeating the same for the next two weeks to complete your target of one month with Keto Diet.

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