Know how to improve your brain with these methods

how to improve your brain

Healthy mind contributes to a sharp and robust memory. Ranging from new idea generation to organizing your professional routine, it is essential for you to learn how to improve your brain. Focus and enhanced level of cognitive functioning are essential components contributing towards your personal and professional success.

What is brain flexibility?

What is brain flexibility

  • Brain’s ability to change its output following the surrounding situation.
  • Alternatively known as Neuroplasticity.
  • Plays a vital role in either enhancing or declining the performance of your brain.

Advisory steps from American Heart Association/American Stroke Association on how to improve your brain:

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  • Physical workout facilitates the process of brain development.
  • Contributes to an increase in grey matter secretions in frontal, subcortical and temporal regions of your brain.
  • Proven results for sharpening memory and thinking ability in those with mild cognitive impairments.

Other benefits:

It helps in supporting short-term memory, increase in neurotrophic factor (growth and survival of brain cells) and improving focus and decision making or problem-solving ability.

Eat healthily:

Eat healthily

  • Mediterranean diet (rich in fruits, whole grains, vegetables, seeds, beans, nuts, and olive oil)
  • Further, dairy, fish, and wines contribute in moderate quantity while processed foods, red meats, and poultry are present in fewer amounts.

Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet:

It provides long-term protection for your brain and slows the process of cognitive decline. Further, it stimulates specific brain frequencies.

Imbibe the habit of learning a new language:

Imbibe the habit of learning a new language

Learn either a new national or international language.

Benefits of learning a new language:

  • Foreign language facilitates in igniting cognitive abilities, aids the aging process of the brain, and sharpens memory.
  • It also contributes towards enhancing brains elasticity, and its ability to code information fed to it.

Learn to play a musical instrument:

Learn to play a musical instrument:

Exposure to music enhances the development process of your brain, facilitates in establishing neural networks, and stimulation of brain tracts. It helps in preventing children from deterioration of skills related to speech listening. Learning musical instruments eliminates the hurdles related to cognitive decline and improvises the skills related to hearing. It also helps in improving the overall connectivity of sound processing and movement control.

Brain Training activities:

Brain training activities aids in improvising memory and cognitive ability.

Memory Improvement Technique:

Memory Improvement Technique

  • Perform the activity known as Memory of Loci Training for 30 minutes per day. Repeat this training for the next 40 days.
  • Participants of this research training initially recalled 26 words out of a list of 72 words. As the training progressed, they were able to remember nearly around 62 out of 72 words. These improvements were noticeable for the next four months.

With this, we conclude our research about how to improve your brain in enhancing its overall performance.

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