The Impact of meditation on your mental health

meditation and mental health

Not just one, but several researches have concluded that regular meditation and mental health are connected to one another. All your stress, concentration, blood pressure, anxiety, and depression can get back on track easily with just a simple solution which we call ‘Meditation’. Let’s find out how meditation and mental health are connected.meditation and mental health

 The link between meditation and mental health

 Reduces stress

reduces stress

Stress is the first reason why most people begin meditation. This is because meditation is a highly effective stress-buster. Generally, stress (both mental and physical) causes the levels of the cortisol hormone in our body to rise. This leads to the release of inflammatory chemicals in our body called cytokines. This is what causes disruptions during sleep, high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety. So, to avoid stress and its nauseous effects, try to meditate. In simple words, meditation helps reduce stress.

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 Keeping up with the link between meditation and mental health

 Better focus and concentration

better focus and concentration

Mindful meditations help in focusing. It helps you focus on the present, which has the ability to improve the outcome of your entire day. Researches revealed that we can train our attention and awareness as it is a learnable skill. 

 Improved self-esteem and self-awareness

improved self esteem and self awareness

Meditation encourages you in slowing your mind down and allows you for deeper self-reflection. This helps you in discovering the positive attributes about yourself, which then gives your self-esteem the rise you need. By increasing your ability to examine your thoughts and feelings without judgments, meditation increases self-awareness.

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 How are meditation and mental health linked to one another?

 Controlled anxiety or depression

controlled anxiety or depression

Meditation helps in training your mind to focus on the present. This makes you less likely to contemplate anxious thoughts that are the root cause of your depression. Meditation, with its mindfulness-based stress reduction effect helps in calming down the minds of those who have anxiety.

 Improves sleep

Take enough sleep

With regular meditation, sleep disturbances are likely to reduce. In cases when you don’t get enough sleep, you’re likely to suffer from symptoms like weakness, disturbed moods, low quality of life, and more. All of these symptoms can be cured with the help of regular meditation. 

 Meditation is the key to a happy life, the sooner you realize the better!

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