How to get yourself to Run in the morning.

morning run, How-to-get-yourself-to-Run-in-the-morning

There are many advantages to making a run the first thing you do to start the day and deep down you know that. If you’ve never tried it yourself, it takes care of an important daily task—getting some intense physical exercise—right away, rather than leaving it for later in the day. It also helps energize the mind and body, preparing one for the day ahead.

So how can you get yourself make morning runs a part of your regular routine?

  1. Take proper rest at night

When you’re planning to start your running sessions in the morning you need to be sure that you’re not sleepy when you wake up. It will be difficult for you to wake up early in the beginning but you will get used to it in no time…stay committed to it and you will have the best results within months and weeks. Try to have eight hours of sleep to get up all refreshed.

  1. Keep all your stuff ready the night before

You tend to get lazy and find reasons not to get out of bed first thing in the morning but if you keep all the stuff ready to go the night before, it becomes easy to push yourself out from the bed.  Not finding something in the morning will also add up to your list of excuses for not going for the run.

  1. Get stretched

Before you jump into your running marathon make sure to stretch all parts of your body to prevent muscle pulls.

  1. Sip a cup of coffee

Water is great to go for a run but a cup of coffee can energize you and will keep you enthusiastic about your run… Too much of water will make your bladder full and you don’t want to run home to use the washroom. A shot of black coffee is just right for you.

  1. Take a friend along

When you plan to start something like this it is better to bring along a friend who can motivate you to continue with the plan. It makes it easier and a lot better to burn calories because you push each other to work more.

  1. Start slowly


Sprinting in a run straight away can cause muscle pulls and leg twists, to prevent you must start slow like a walk, then a little bit of jogging and in the end running eventually. Starting with sprints will only cause trouble for your body.

  1. Grab a quick bite.

Make sure to eat something, little and which is not so heavy at least an hour before so that you don’t feel numb and empty to stop yourself from the run.

  1. Wear the right set of clothes

It’s best to stay covered in winters and you can’t wear full sleeves to run in summers. Wear the clothes you are comfortable in. Invest in good workout clothing and you will never regret it. Good clothes always make you feel good about yourself.

  1. Don’t let weekends get in your way

When you start to make a routine it is easier if you follow it every day and not rest yourself up on the weekends because that makes you lazy and will make it hard for you to get up on Mondays motivated.

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