Night Shifts at work raises risk of Diseases

night shifts at work raises risk of diseases

Like we all know work is an important part of our lives. But night shifts at work raises risk of diseases… Do you want to know how? This is because the clocks in our bodies fall out of sync which usually leads to disruption which is the cause for rising in risk of diseases like, diabetes, obesity, cancer, chronic kidney disease, etc… This disruption is also termed as metabolic disruption.

night shifts at work raises risk of diseases

It is true that in most industries working night shifts have become a regular practice without which a business cannot meet the market demands. But like we said earlier it is harmful to our health. Night shifts at work raises risk of diseases by compelling your body to work against your body’s natural circadian rhythm which is not good as it is our nature to sleep during those hours and we have developed a habit of it until now.

night shifts at work raises risk of diseases

It interrupts our sleeping pattern and we all know how sleep is the most crucial for our health. Our sleep helps us get rid of toxins, stress, injuries and builds immunity. Working in night shifts can cause serious issues and risks of cancer. Especially in women, there are higher risks of breast cancers. It also leaves you with no vitamin D which helps to absorb the calcium in our body and helps in bone growth. It causes a serious amount of deficiency of Vitamin D. Not only this, but it can also cause colon cancer and prostate cancer. It also increases the risk of stroke and other heart diseases.

night shifts at work raises risk of diseases

The interruption in sleeping patterns affects the blood pressure and circulation. The hormones imbalance from the normal hormonal cycle. Even if your diet is healthy, some vital hormones like ‘leptin’ will be disrupted in its production because of working at night shifts causing diabetes and obesity.

Gastrointestinal Disorders disrupts our body’s metabolism and causes ulcers, diarrhea, etc… Night shifts at work also have a negative impact on our mental health which leads to mood changes and depressions.

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